1. Answer the questions honestly.
2. Tag as many people as the number of your KHR Bishie is.

What do you think about:
1. Tsuna
hahahaha one guy who likes to show off his boxers.

2. Gokudera
OMG I love skulls too!!!!! anyone want to send me his rings?

3. Yamamoto
THE BEST! Yamamoto is my fav character ATW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him to pieces.

4. Lambo child
lol he makes me laugh sometimes he really does. such as;

5. Lambo adult
TYL Lambo is ok.. but I think he should stop being a wimp.

6. I-pin child
Could they give her a bigger forehead?

7. I-pin adult
Why does she always have ramen... I bet its really just for her to eat

8. Ryohei
Can this guy talk without SHOUTING TO THE EXTREME????

9. Hibari
a real loner kinda guy but you gotta like him.

10. Reborn
"teach them fear first" hahaha he is a cool guy. At least the days won't be boring.

11. Dino
Awwww he is such a klutz no matter how old he is. But really, what is wrong with his gayish hair do TYL???

12. Mukuro
I'm still undecided about Mukuro..... its hard to tell when you don't see him much.

13. Ken and Chikusa
Someone who loves yo-yo - I hope he doesn't yo-yo too hard. And one who seems to like to stick his tongue out waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.

14. Lanchia
If a guy came up to be with a big huge ball... I would run as fast as I could!

15. Xanxus
his mother really was obsessed.. I kinda feel sorry for the guy.

16. Chrome
Awww bless her. I kind of fell sorry for her for having no organs but then it confuses me as to how she can still live...

17. Squalo
hahaha another guy who likes to shout. VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL (well in the manga anyway).

18. Belphegor
He really should have made sure he killed his twin!

19. Kyoko
I hope she starts dating Tsuna some time soon. Or maybe they are in TYL....

20. Haru
Her clinginess gets to me. I mean if she wasn't a weirdo who wanted to hugs babies in the first place. Then maybe she would be alright.

21. Colonello
He is cool guy. Although why doesn't he just admit that he loves Lal.. and visa versa

22. Lal Mirch
She has way too much on her shoulders. Like not confessing to Colonello.. geeze do it already!

23. Bianchi
I would have stomach aches every time I look at her too. Although she is kinda gothic.. so thats cool.

24. Shamal
I would really hate to meet this guy in RL. I don't like being kissed by strangers.

25. Fuuta
He is a cutie!!! young and TYL. although he is kinda hot TYL.. but not as hot as yamamoto!!!

26. Byakuran
I hope he brushes his teeth after eating all those marshmellows.

27. Shoichi
bad guy turned good... or just very good at lying.


1. What's your fav character?
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Takeshi Yamamoto ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

2. What's your fav hetero pairing?
Tsuna and Kyoko

3. What's your fav yuri pairing?
not really my thing.

4. What's your fav yaoi pairing?
hummm its not really my thing.. but its cute to see Yamamoto and Gokudera..

5. What would you give to get your bishie instead?
I honestly don't have clue!

6. The most traumatic pairing for you is...
Yamamoto and Tsuna *shivers*

7. If you had a chance to get one Vongola ring which one would you choose?
hummmmm can I be like Gokudera and been able to use all 5 attributes?

8. You meet Bianchi on your way and
Ran away as soon as I saw her holding food.

9. What's your fav pattern on Tsuna's shorts?
The stars lol

10. At the end express your feelings toward your bishie:
hummmmm can I say "Yamamoto can I kiss you?"

28 KHR FANS ! ???? I'm not really sure on the number...