I'm writing this because beast is a prominent member, he has a lot of people who he interacts with and the like, and as such, things should be explained.

It is well known that me and beast do not get along. While we do agree on somethings, the stuff we don't see eye to eye on far out weigh them.

Beast has fought tooth and nail about almost every infraction and warning I've ever given him (13 infractions and 1 warning) since July 10th 2009.

He has acted in an aggressive manner, slinging insults both on the board, through private messages, and even so far so contact me on my personal email, and as being a very private person, that is possibly the worst thing you could do to me.

He accuses me of holding a grudge against him, singling him out, and making every disciplinary action I take against him personal.

This is not the case. I have the term Apathetic in my title for a reason. I honestly don't care. Beast is just unlucky enough to have broken a rule (in some cases, repeatedly) when I was online. Simple as that. It doesn't matter who it is, if I see it, I act on it, or make note of it in the staff forums for other members to take care of it.

In my disciplinary actions against him, I was professional with the exception of one time, but that was in response to breaking the same rule (Posting Vague Low Quality Posts) 3 times in a row in as many weeks despite repeated infractions and beast having community member status and knowing better.

I have the infraction and warning information, as well as emails, and if need be, I can pull out threads to bring forth evidence of all this.

I may not like him, honestly I can't stand him, especially the slanderous insult that was sent to me yesterday, I have the professionalism and integrity to set all that aside and do my job, something that Beast, as a military man, should appreciate. The job comes first, all else is secondary.

But when it comes down too it, Beast broke rules, many of them repeatedly.

The one I am banning him on is this, filed under the Rules and FAQ - Restrictions, relevant section highlighted in red:
  1. Insults towards other members, Admins or Moderators, excessive swearing, cursing and foul language is not allowed. Any member seen behaving in an aggressive manner shall face an immediate ban. Members are equal and anyone with a 'god-complex' will not be tolerated.
Over the past 2 days, I have received slanderous private messages insulting my lifestyle, my choice of vocation, and my current physical condition. None of which can be tolerated.

Beast has in the past, despite repeated warnings and disciplinary actions time and time again, behaved in an aggressive manner not befitting what the staff of AnimeOnline view how a member should behave.

This decision is not open to discussion, so I am closing this journal entry.