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Thread: Guess who's Defense Capped...

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    Guess who's Defense Capped...

    ... I Am, thats who.

    WoW Heroes - Noneshalpass - Forged in Fire - US Gnomeregan

    That tank set (Which still needs work, I know, I'm not at 540 yet, but that will be fixed tomorrow as soon as I get online tomorrow and a guildie can cut some gems for me), represents almost a month of farming Heroics for badges, Wintergrasp and Sholazar for ore, and killing many a horde in Wintergrasp for Honor points.

    Did the math too, to finish everything out, I'm going to need about 20 more Triumph badges for a set of tank boots, and about 1k more gold for enchants and the remaining gems.

    Least now that I'm at 537, I can tank heroics, which means I won't be waiting 13min to get into randoms.

    I've got a good Tank spec too, configured it to be self healing as much as I can, since I only have about 30.05k health with my frost presence up.

    Might trade in my DPS Ashen Verdict ring (for 200g to boot) for the tank ring that will give me an extra 5k health too...

    For those of you who don't play World of Warcraft, A tank is a player who pretty much stands in front something big and mean and says "Hit me", this keeps the big mean thing from hitting other people, like say the healers. You are pretty much a Meat Shield. Why would we want to do this? Because EVERY group needs at least one tank. This guarantees us a spot in a Dungeon (A special place where 5 people go in and kill everything) or Raid (A raid is like a dungeon except its a lot harder, and 10, 25, and when WoW first started, 40 people can take part, and the rewards are the best of the best).

    Being Defense Capped means that you cannot have a Critical Strike land against you by enemies that are 3 levels above you (IE Bosses).
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