…And why I won’t be voting for the Liberal’s this federal election.

I’ll get right down too it. We’re paying enough for gas as it is, I do not want to be paying more. Sure they will be lowering the Income Tax, but that will only truely benifet the rich. Not to mention that if gas prices take another hike, this “Green shift” (The Green Shit, as I put it) will come back and bite us on the ass.

Yes, you can say all you want about the environment, and how this will help make it better. Bull shit. All this is going to do is raise prices for EVERYTHING that depends on transport to make it to store shelves. Why? Because if companies, especially companies that transport food, because they use the most fuel, are paying more to transport their goods, they have to offset the expenses somewhere, and lets face it, Its going to be passed on to the customer. That means higher prices for food. And thats where I will draw the line.

And then he wants to get rid of the Child Tax credit.

Can someone say “Political Suicide”? I know alot of families, my brother and sister among them, that literally need the credit ($1200 a month per child) just to make ends meet and to make sure that their kids have food on the table, roof over their heads and cloths on their backs, because guess what: Its too expensive to live in the majority of the country.

Dion, you’re an idiot, and I’m not voting for you.