My opinion is that I don't care. Sure he changed the face of pop music (A genre I hardly if ever listen to), and its awful that he died, and I do extend my condolences to his family, but frankly I wish people would just let the guy rest in peace.

Personally I didn't like the guy, any one who molests children is, in my books, the lowest form of scum on the planet and not worth my time.

"But what about all the good he did?" you might say, and I say this: Name something. A person's life is summed up by what they are remembered for, and for me, Wacko Jacko will be remembered as a Pedophile and a freak, and I can't think of anything that he's done to benefit the human race off the top of my head (Name something and I'll concede that).

I'm sick of the news media overplaying the death of a singer when there's real news going on. People are dying in Iran, Soldiers are dying in Afghanistan and Iraq, and many other things that are actually News worthy. The death of a celebrity should have just been a short segment, not a media circus.