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Thread: A rant about introduction threads

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    A rant about introduction threads

    I've never liked the idea of everyone in every introduction thread telling the new person to read the rules. In a perfect world, I would like it to be done just by Staff. Not only does this make sure that staff post in each introduction thread, making the new member know that the staff knows they exist, but its redundant and annoying to be told the same thing by multiple people.

    My reasoning is this: If one person tells you to do something, once is enough. I know that if 8 or 9 people walked up to me and told me to do the exact same thing, I'd tell them where to take their comments, and what dark orifice to shove them.

    Lastly, People who have a long history of breaking the rules, and who still continue to do so, telling others to read the rules. That just rubs me the wrong way. People should follow their own advice.

    I'm looking at you Poohead.

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    Re: A rant about introduction threads

    Are you serious, I've gotten a lot better. Thats why I tell them to follow the rules, because I don't want them to start out with five infractions like me. Anime online is awesome, but its a lot stricter than other forums, and people need to know that. You need to admit I havent had an infraction in a long time! At least compared to what I had in the beginning.
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    Re: A rant about introduction threads

    lol Aceman you only post in introduction threads only if you know the person, or if they did something wrong!

    I try to post in most introductions if they like actually showed some effort in creating their thread. However I don't have the time to post in all of them! So when other members say "Hey you should read the rules, welcome to our community, blah blah." That is great because then I don't feel obligated to post.

    So it does kind of annoy me when I tell someone to read the rules, then the next person tells them to read the rules. Then its like we are hounding them to read the rules. In short people should try not to repeat the same thing the person who posted before them said.
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    Re: A rant about introduction threads

    I admit that I've been a "repeater" and have told a few new members to read the rules and whatnot. I guess people think that they're "assisting" the staff by pseudo-modding. I suppose it's a method to get away with low-quality posts.

    Anyway, I see where you're coming from. I'd hate to be standing on the corner at the crosswalk, only to be approached by nine/ten people screaming consecutively, "Look both ways before you cross the street!" ^_^

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    Re: A rant about introduction threads

    I don't want to sound mean, but I think poohead might've been a target from the start.

    I mean, c'mon. We get usernames like Utena Tenjou or atomik_Sprout or Violent or Scourge, and then poof! POOHEAD189 comes out of nowhere. In all caps too.
    (by the way, I have noticed improvement on your part, poohead in your posting.)

    But yeah, I really don't try to mess with mods or anything because I'm nitpicky about even an internet bad record. It actually kind of makes me feel like I've done something unintelligent when I get an infraction, mainly because there's no one to blame but yourself.

    But one thing that gets me, is that I've been a moderator on many sites, and my experience is that there's always someone that blames the mods for their infractions? That is what rubs me the wrong way.

    But back on topic, I think the only reason people tell n00bs to follow the rules, myself included, is because the difference between AO in other sites. like others have said, AO is better in conversation, because it's strict policies, but there are some people who just use it as a "OH HAI! im New! Wat's UR IM ID?!" and then post a thread like, "Oh EM Gee this Character suckz cause I dont like them."

    so yeah, from experience, moderating an internet forum is a thankless job that requires work.

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