Well, its been 4 months since I gave up my Staff position here and started my own community, and its going strong, while I see that Cowboy Bebop hasn't been here in almost 2 months. I've also noticed that the Chief has stepped down as a result of that. This I'm sad to see. Makes me wonder if CB even cares about the Community he owns.

OZ's gallery is up and running. We have a fully featured economy/rpg leveling system directly related to posting. We have a member map where people can see where other members are in the world.

We have an active community of 77 members and we're 150 away from 4000 posts!

I'm also making plans to implement a fully featured blogging system, and for donators, their own @otakuzen.com email addresses.

If you want fun and engaging discussion on fully working forum community with active membership and staff, you know where to find it.