As some of you might have noticed in the past, occasionally my sig has a link to a star trek RPG that I've ran.

I'm thinking of starting this back up again, and will be looking for anyone who would be interested.

I know this forum has some pretty serious RPGers, and I know from YEARS of experience playing PBeM and PBbb Star Trek RPGs that this is a fun activity.

I'm in the process of moving my website off its paid location ( since my domain is expiring tomorrow and I don't have the funds (Well, I do, just no credit card to do it with, since its only 9 bucks) to pay the renewal, to a free location (With better hosting, oddly enough). Once that is done, I'll post an announcement here in my journal.

To give you an Idea of what the simm will be like, take a look at USS Apollo (Keep in mind that this link will only be valid for today only, after that it won't work, as well, the site itself hasn't be updated in months, so don't bother applying there). All the simming will occur on that website, each person will have their own account/character, with their own detailed bio page, picture (if they want) and so on.

Just wondering if this is something that people might find interesting...

And as you can also see from the detail I put into the site, I'm a serious trek nerd.