Down the aisle, she dreamed so long.
To hear someone sing that simple song.
She was hoping somehow that someone would stay.
When she smiled he turned away.

The darkness fell, the wind just came.
The rain started pouring and turned into hale.
She cried as she slowly knelt to the ground;
Asking how things could go suddenly wrong.

Will she always be broken like this?
Will her heart be always stolen by a kiss?
Will she ever know what love really is?
Or will she forever wander alone in the abyss?

The darkness never left, then someone came.
Someone who knew what love is and pain.
He said he would stay and never leave.
Yet her heart is now cold never to be held by him.

Will she be searching forever again?
Will she be alone until no one knows when;
Will she ever be someone's special heart.
Will she always just be almost there but not really his.