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Thread: Ever feel like ********

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    Ever feel like ********

    Ever feel like you are falling inlove too fast and you stop and pause for a moment and realize damn!!! they were right.

    It seems that this heart is falling fast and falling like over board really confused kind of way. He dodges some of my questions and just keeps saying no I love you a lot with all my heart.....I realized that i wouldn't even hesistate not to give in to anything right now and am falling head over heels.

    The confusion in my head wants me to get a hammer or drop an anvil on my head yeah like looney toons

    Now all these feelings coming to the surface has me on a cautious mode since i am falling and might crash really hard. LIke what my brother says i fall in love hard and get burned really bad. I have never really let myself become this vulnerable after what has happened to me. Now am starting to be that again and am scared for myself that i might now recover from the hurt and lock myself up somewhere again and become this emotionless person my family has disliked for years.

    Ever feel like your world is wonderful but sume parts or it is crashing? Mine is right now. some parts of mylife is like am soaring am happy but on some parts i really don't know where i stand and like my life is on hold.

    I just hope when i fall this time i don't crash and burn.There may never be a way for me to go back to what i was if this happens. I told my mom some time ago that growing up had too many pains involved in it. She told me that well sweetie you just have to do your growing up sooner or later.

    Maybe but for now this is just so one of those days when i had to write it down and say ever felt like?
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    Re: Ever feel like ********

    I found that in life, nothing is ever constant. Its always full of ups and downs but really the only thing that matters is that you stay true to yourself. If you feel like you really love this guy, then you do, would you really want to deny yourself the opportunity of happiness and let it pass you by.

    I am not saying don't be cautious because no one wants their heart broken so many times that there isn't much left. But if we let that one person who could really change our world go and be with someone else then it would just be one big regret. But then things have a habit of coming round again. Like what happened with Solking and myself. We both got really close after we started talking practically every day. But the thing that came between us was distance and I started University. I ended up not even trying to follow my feelings and I went out with someone else and so did he. But then almost two years ago. We were back to how we used to be and we've been together ever since.
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