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Thread: Ever felt like screaming........

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    Re: Ever felt like screaming........

    Well you have another reader here if you do that I mean working in the bpo industry does have it's perks but sometimes you just like laugh it over during your breaks and ask the others this is like so surreal that some people can think of stupid things
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    Question Re: Ever felt like screaming........

    o_o ... -Rubs chin thoughtfully-

    I believe I might JUST have a new idea for an actual book now! xD
    -Light bulb appears over head-

    Lmao, I've read some peoples shopping lists before, and some things are actually pretty scary, or make no sense. o_o Others have been half eaten by their babies, the ink sucked clean off of them. o_O;; Meep.
    I'll keep you posted if I ever bring any such book to fruition! xD!!

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