Well what else can I say it's the holidays and well I just got out of the hospital and trying to get better. For the mean people there all i can say is may your days be always happy so you won't make people like me miserable.

I have often wondered why there are people who enjoy ruining friendships and continue to spread rumours and destroy relationships. I guess i will never know will I. I have never been one to spread such things, when I mind my own business.

For those who found love this holiday season I am happy for you. I mean i maybe too sheltered as others guess well i plead guilty to that one though no fault to me I was born into a family that thinks all gilrs are Princesses to be spoiled but never spoiled rotten and made to be mean. Just enough for us to know what we want and work at it.

What else can i say but the holidays always bring me some lonely feeling since my first love died near Christmas and now I seem to be loosing everyone at this time. I was wondering if there are others out there like me who continue to go about my own business but still feel like loosing people important to them. If it wasn't for the closest friends and family I have (most specially my son and mom), I may have gone over board or lost it as others say .......

As I sleep at home now dreaming of White Christmases past and hopefully joyful things to come in the near future,this heart continues to pray that all of you have your Christmas / Holiday all year round not just once a year.