Well i know it's been a while my friends ....

What do i wish for now my existence is quiet???hmmmmm what should i wish for....

if i threw out this question maybe you can help me find more answers........ maybe a more content existence if there is such a thing. Everytime i seem content something comes up and says " I want that ________. "

Well along with my peace happy life for a while now is a wish for most of my friends here the same happiness but of course some would say>>> " IN a perfect world you ditz."

What have i been upto lately?
* been tying to spend time with my boyfriend ( still long distance but am so totally like w/e I have met my match in him). He tells me if i am being too much of something.

* work still is work sighs.........nothing I can do about the forest gump wanna be mean old harpy here.

* my son is growing up fast now. just hope he doesnt start asking about the birds and the bees.

that is allfor now in the day of a life of my existence.

Ciao! For now.