For those who heard yeah it's true i just got out of the hospital. Yes i got upset because someone well made my someone special's life difficult and well he got into an accident recently.

Me well i just recently told my friends about my congenital heart condition and inborn asthma condition. Hence the need to express my feelings really bad to avoid any attacks when i am too upset.. i just don't like medicine........ and taking too much and for those who has been saying stuff... BITE ME!!!! hahahahaha!!! and as for those who think he is theirs well sorry no..... For those who were like happy when I had an attack and was hospitalized well i am getting well and don't be too happy i am still breathing... much to the disdain of a few lol....

The holidays seem to have a life of its own while i was minding my own business, some person mess with someone i really care about and spread rumours about me . I don't care much about them since I live my life peacefully and i will continously express what i feel and put it down in poems.

Thank you to those who have said prayers of get well for me. To those who first welcomed me here and continue to be my truest peeps and buds thanks a bunch and a blessed Holidays to each and all of you. May the love you feel continue to fill you all through out the rest of the year.