When i first came here and signed up for an account i was only expecting the discussions and the people only talked to anime or manga. I have been fortunate to have meet a lot of intelligent people who are also talented and have been lucky as well to count them as new found friends on a site.

I used to think that meeting people online , well i had to keep them online and separate them from my pretty much sheltered and private personal life. I have met people i know and have voiced out a few things for me that i wouldn't have said so. Now we talk on private messages and I get to call them at times when real life isn't hounding them with stuff , or when they feel the need to talk to someone i find myself a willing ear to listen.

There have been people who well just said hi and hello and i have never talked to again. There are those who seem to want to meet people and really want to gain friends from all walks of life and based on the from what i ahve observed there are those who think that joining this community will get them significant others or relationships.

Well it's a matter of opinion I guess and i would say I am glad to have be a part of a community of people where the admins and mod listen to. And like i said my records here have not been exactly clean since i have earned a few infractions myself that was my own doing.... I try to behave now..

As well as meeting people i am glad to have met the most talented writers and graphic artists known to me in this site and my life time. And for all the help they give me on pms... Thanks a bunch.

For the newbs who get to read this , it's always better to make friends than cause the drama and end up getting hated by everyone. I say this site and it's members who have become my friends have made me a better person.