Well i was sitting in front of my laptop the other day when i heard an Avril Lavigne song " Skater boy" i so know i will not hear the end of this from him for calling him my skater guy. If you are my new best friend who has been taking care of me these past few months you know who.....

I guess it's just that well a lot of girls and peeps have been claiming that he is this and they are this to this person.... well he doesn't show the side of him i know to others and they don't know what he really is. He is the sweetest and gentlest person on earth for me. Like what I said in my siggy: "Aishiteru Wa" . I know it sounds corny that i refer to him as skater boy but like what one line said, I see the man he can be.

While others think he is nothing but a heart breaker, for me he has been honest....we constantly talk and yeah there have been things that have been weird lately but i can honestly say my feelings have not changed and i will always be here for him.

If i was to come across the girl who hurt him bad yeah i'd sing this line to her. "Sorry girl,but you missed out,Well tough luck that boy's mine now.Too bad that you couldn't see,See the man that boy could be."

Corny but true.