I guess this is one of those days where i want to rant endlessly.

I heard some parent say that no matter what they did their kid remained stupid and as a parent you are not supposed to say that to other people about your kid..( duh) i mean it's okay to voice an opinion but for you to actually voice it out to someone who didn't look like her family or sister. (poor kid).

I was going home and ran into somene who was well ranting about having a bad day and how the interview went and that the interviewer of the company was a dumb blonde. lol i found that funny considering the dumbe blonde he was calling was the person's future boss.

I think I have seen a lot of people complain funny thing is i have been more of an action person and then bring up the issue if it can't really be done.....it's a bit like being in a situation and you don't do anything about it and then just keep on complaining.