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Thread: Reflection on a few things***Excited with Christmas**Me I want a hoola hoop*** lols

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    Reflection on a few things***Excited with Christmas**Me I want a hoola hoop*** lols

    Isn't it surprising that how our personal life affects how we do our work? I just finished up a few things and our trainer had us right a business journal about what was important and if our life was still balanced. I realized just now that the risks and opportunities i had taken were because i primarily see my family as a priority ( indirectly which is surprising).

    I think I still tried to ignore the fact that my family still plays an important role in my life no matter how hard I try to hide it to others since I want others to see me as independent, more so responsible enough for the things going on in my life.

    A year ago my son asked me why can't grown ups ( in his eye anyone from 13 and above) make their life simple and not complicated. I smiled and told him that there are somethings that we see as complicated compared to the way most people his age see things. And that there are certain things that he will encounter like relationships and other stuff called grown up life that he will encounter.

    He laughed at me when I said it, he said that he wasn't thinking about the birds and the bees question and well. He wasn't into that yet.

    I just remembered this as I was writing this down, and realized that maybe if most people saw things simply it would make change easier and like being more in touch with what you really are a lot easier.

    This time of year the Christmas is near ( yipeee!!!!! i still like christmas and get excited every time), maybe if we looked at things in a simple manner maybe there wouldn't be too much confusion or hate or disliking amongst people. It was just my thought or reflection for the day.

    ***NOte NOte: lols, am so excited that Christmas is around the corner...I still find myself signing Christmas carols when i wrap my gifts.giggles.....I heard my son singing yesterday replacing a few words in a song with a psp. It found it cute and it made me start thinking what would i put it if it was my wish list....

    " All I want for Christmas is "

    What would your wish list be?
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