I was asked recently so many times if like i knew what was going to happen, would i have waited to like get pregnant......

That is a toughie for me. I guess it would have been different if i waited. Way different, but on the other side I would say I wouldn't have known what i wanted to do with my life. And my son I would say is a gift from heaven, I can say that he came to my life when I needed to focus on someone else not just me and well. I got smacked in the head and learned that the world isn't all about me.

One of the other things I was asked was, would you shout it at the top of your lungs that you are falling in love? Well knowing me , yeah I would and will. And well it's one thing to fall in love and stay in love and am doing both. Knowing that I need and want the person is such a joy that no other question comes to my mind and now doubt fills it.

So my question is:

Would you be brave enough to say yes i would to something and will you follow through on it? I guess you'd never know till you actually did.