its been a long time since i posted in this thing so i here are some things i have been upto recently , fist off i have moved again it getting to be the norm for me with moving so much , i dont think i can sit still lol.

im helping my mom out with somethings and i have to tell you famly can be annoying -_- with some of the things they want to argue about. in other parts of my life its been pretty dull i have been watching a few horror movies
like the chainsaw movie and a few zombie type movies which by the way left me hungry.

i cant say i get the same thrill from horror movies anymore i feel alseep during drag me to hell though i did watch it like 6 times since that was one of my better movies other than the chainsaw movie. its been ages since i have wrote anything its getting dumb with how im getting where everything has to
sound right in my head before i write it.

i cant think of anything else to talk about but i will post again if i find something else to talk about.