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Thread: 2009

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    I guess I haven't really been the one to say "Happy New Year" to too many people.

    That never happens. No one ever has a year of complete happiness. So I will give you my honest alternative.

    Have a chaotic new year, where you happen to find brief moments of peace that you can really appreciate. Have a trying, yet, rewarding new year. Indeed, have a happy new year, but only after you realize the importance of sadness. Grow up a little bit more this year. Count your blessings, they can be hard to recognize... A whole years worth of blessings in desguise should keep you on your toes.

    My resolution this year.... is to take myself seriously.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: 2009

    My sentiment every Dec. 31st..."To the new year, may it suck a little less than the old one."
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