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Thread: Art or HATRED?

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    Art or HATRED?

    Obama Supporter Puts Up Halloween Display Showing KKK Robed and baseball bat wielding McCain Chasing Barack Obama… : P.U.M.A
    Halloween decoration: Effigy of noosed Palin causes uproar - Nachrichten English-News - WELT ONLINE
    YouTube - Man hangs Racist Obama Ghost

    So, are these Halloween displays art? Or are they hateful and unacceptable? I think it is both. I am more moved at the fact that peoples halloween decor is sparking national attention. That is the REAL outrage here. It is sad, when you think about the negative energy that surrounds these displays... Both in their creation, and in their being publically exhibited. But this is hardly CNN worthy in my opinion. Perhaps if it werent halloween, these displays would be wothy of uproar. But as it is, it didn't have to be worth more than the attention we chose to give it. I personally think people need to just put their big girl panties on, and accept that otheres are going to use Halloween as an oppertunity to express themselves.

    The real question is... why do we care so much? Enough to want to make these displays? Enough to call attention to them? Enough to cover them on our national news, when we still have soldiers fighting and dying in war!? Why are people so passionate about this election? Its is this kind of negative attention surrounding this election, that makes me want to embrace the distance I have kept. Thanks to my hopeless outlook for potential change. I am blissfully dissinterested. But, In the end, not having a voice will only make me a victim in this madness. So should I chose to participate?

    I would be much more enthusiastic, if it didn't seem like; Instead of this election being about who is the best person to lead us out of our crap... It has the same petty ridiculous tatctics as EVERY election prior to it, only this time, there seems to be an even deeper ugliness. At the core of this election, you will not find the issues that should be of most importance. Instead there is a huge racial and religious emphasis. Why? It disgusts me. What a prominant indication of how little we've really grown and evolved as a nation. That is why it doesn't matter who gets the vote. We, the people, we fuel our nations success. Or its destruction....
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Art or HATRED?

    People just want attention.

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