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Thread: Artist's Pains

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    Artist's Pains

    Being an artist isn't all sunshine and flowers.
    Exhibit A: I reached into my bag, and was surprised by a sharp pain. I was stabbed, by a well sharpened #2 pencil. I suppose this is a reason to get more mechanical pencils.

    Exhibit B: A freakin' paper cut... over the knuckle of my thumb. I have nearly died in a car accident. Plus I've had two children, both quite large... And I swear, paper cuts are still some of the most irritating pains I've had to endure. ESPECIALLY over the knuckle!

    Both injuries were on my right hand..

    But, my most severe artist pain... is the figurative one in my a$$ right now. And those dollar signs are far more meaningful in that sentence than just censorship. I'm taking my chances at applying for an artist's grant.

    Completing a grant proposal was a requirement in my high school education. I went to this fancy pants arts school... and they wouldn't dish out diplomas unless we completed a grant proposal. I.. being the slacker that I am... completed THE MOST half assed proposal. I proposed to my school that I paint my locker... gave them a weak budget plan... for acrylic paint and Sharpie markers. *sigh... I was soo full of it. But I DID graduate.

    I look back on that... and I could just kick myself. Because now I am faced with this serious business grant. I can get up to 1,000 dollars. But there are several conditions... one of which is that whatever the money is spent on must help me advance toward employment. It can include help with education endeavors... but it cant go toward tuition.
    I have to provide a detailed budget... a receipt for everything. Because they wont give the money out, they reimburse after I make purchases.

    I am so starting from complete scratch though... Im not even sure exactly what I'd do with the grant money at this point... but I have SEVERAL months before the proposal is due.

    I know I want to build a solid digital portfolio of my work (I need to produce more work to accomplish this). I also have previous involvement (employment). At an Arts organization. They would likely be willing to help me with all of this.

    I feel so overwhelmed. Its kind of daunting. But whether or not I get the grant. I think this process will turn out to be a valuable experience.
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    Re: Artist's Pains

    That sounds intimidating. I would feel a little anxious so it's good you don't get anxiety like I do! I bet you'll figure it out with little problem. You don't often give yourself as much credit as you deserve. So I bet it will be easier then you think it will. Either way I wish you luck. And if there is any help I can provide I'd be happy to.

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    Re: Artist's Pains

    Augh! ..... responsibilities, =hiss=!

    No seriously, that would drive me insane. That's why I take extremely slow steps in life, so I don't run into those........... the problem is: with extremely slow steps, I hardly get anywhere while everyone moves ahead.
    Don't mind too much though, usually I'm happy where I am.

    Good luck in your endeavors! You can do it!

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    Re: Artist's Pains

    Congratulations on your big break though, Peach! we're all here for you if you need anything!

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