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Thread: I am God

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    Lightbulb I am God

    And so are you.

    And yes, I still have a higher power... But I am made of my higher power.

    If we are made in Gods image. Then we can accomplish godly feats. And travel godly distances within our own universe. We have the power to alter our own realities. We have more power than we realize. We underestimate what we are capable of. And we think we are SO important.

    The truth is, because we don't realize our capabilities, we are at the bottom of the chain. And the reason we have so much power... Is not because we are important... But because we are all connected to a complex universe we aren't capable of understanding. Having that same energy within us, allows us to interact with our universe in ways we will never fully understand. Because we can not understand the universe itself. In other words, we're all confused and insignificant.

    We are all God

    Do you ever wonder if good feels insignificant? Does God feel?
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: I am God

    God feels in the same fashion that we feel as a whole.
    An insignificant happiness or anger is not what God feels, yet it is.
    We are in the image of God, capable of godly feats, yet we ourselves are not God.
    For if we were God, in true form, we would not have such singular thoughts or actions.
    Even if we could multiply those thoughts and actions by a million - by billions - it would still not compare to the true existence of God. We'd just be godly.

    In that sense, do the other gods exist?
    I believe so. I don't believe we're all ruled by these gods and those gods obey the true God, I believe we are all in essence the existence of God but a separate form - making us so unlike God that it isn't funny.

    In many senses, all religions point to an "existence", even a "non-existence". That's the closest we can point and explain that is God.

    Also... this reality, all realities, follow rules. Yet it almost seems like we can break it if we just found out how. But were these rules put here for a reason, and would these rules restrict God "Himself"? No, the idea of these rules, even the idea of ideas, was "created" by God, so henceforth, "He" cannot follow rules "He" has created... however, the idea of creating a "separate" form also exists, a separate form that follows these rules, yet can bend it. This separate form can exist with god-like powers, speak more clearly than any creature we have met, and be feared for just the existence meeting us... yet in many religions, in many histories, these "separate forms" have come bearing different rules... yet, are they so different? Or are they to govern us in the fashion we were best suited in? Perhaps all these rules connect into a single idea?
    Expands our minds bringing us closer to godliness?
    But we all seem to misunderstand... we constantly believe that we must be God.
    ...some of us are even foolish enough to believe we can surpass God (we cannot surpass something that is everything and nothing)...
    But all signs seem to point to one thing:

    That's the closest thing I can describe to what I believe in...
    I can never really put it to words.

    As for what you asked:
    "Do you ever wonder if good feels insignificant?"
    No, it depends what you believe/see good is. Goodness is constantly restricted in many religions, yet what is good in its purest form? How would you describe good if you weren't restricted to language and words?
    We can't describe things with our limitations, for these limitations were only made to describe limitations...
    Good does not feel insignificant. Then again, I believe good is beyond just a "feeling". Good itself is an existence, a platform, an atmosphere. And we are not to judge something that has existed long before we have.

    "Does God feel?"
    If we feel, that itself is evidence that "something within the everything" feels. And if we count ourselves as "a part of God", then in that technicality: God feels.
    But that's going by a technicality that's limited in thought. In pure essence, God cannot feel. For feeling is a rule created by God. And God does not bend to "His" own rules.

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