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Thread: (PS2) Because I am lame

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    (PS2) Because I am lame

    I thought I was in a good mood when I woke up this morning. Now its just after 10:30 AM, and I have already succumb to the reality that I may have been fooling myself. None the less, I feel semi-manicy (sure hope my therapist isn't into anime). Unfortunately there is no REAL energy to speak of. I'm not moving around or anything (God forbid). Just moving in thought... So, I thought... what better time to utilize this journal?

    On to the PS2 saga.

    I've never owned a video game console. Ever. When I was a kid we had the first NES. But, it soon became my sisters. I was told I was too young for video games. And when I was old enough, I was told to go outside and get exercise (I was\am a fat girl).
    My ex owned a PS2, and my roommate at the time had an Xbox. So I've lived with consoles... just never had one I could say was MINE.

    So, I have been looking to get a console. I have two young boys. They're 6 and 4. My youngest son's father (above mentioned ex) is a fairly dedicated gamer. He has been basically TRAINING my son. Has him really into it (especially Sonic). I sorta feel obligated to encourage my kids to game. Give 'em a sense of confidence. Besides... I have been feeling left out for years!

    SO when my birthday rolled around I sent out the word that a console would be appreciated. Thats right, I am 26 and still making birthday request. I'm poor dammit. I was hoping to get a Game Cube.. Its cheap enough that I could buy it on my own, and keep myself and kids stocked with games... It also seemed fitting for the kiddies.

    Much to my surprise though, I got a refurbished PS2. Yay! right? Now I don't wanna hear it from those of you with 360's, or PS3's, or Wii's. I am WAY lamer than you, okay? I'm not on that level.. and am just flattered your reading my journal.

    She gave my kids Sonic Adventures (a whole bunch of games my ex'll have to unlock! yay!), Shadow the Hedgehog, aaannd becasue I have to crawl before I can kick ass..... I got... The Sims Castaway ROFLMAO

    No... seriously... the saga darkens here. I get the f*ck*er home, plug it in, and it doesn't work! Do you know how special that moment was supposed to be? My fist console..... go figure.
    My friend didn't give me a copy of the receipt. And she lives a ways away from me. So after calling Game Stop, and her, I figure I can just get her to read me all the numbers on the receipt over the phone. Game Stop says MAYBE that'll work and I can exchange the broken PS2 for one that works.

    On my way to Game Stop I spilled water in my lap. I am about to be honest here, and let you all in on how stupid I really can be. I was trying to brush my teeth in the car using bottled water to rinse. Yes yes.

    So now I have water all in between my legs, soaking my crotch. No doubt, I look like I pissed all over myself. And I am about to attempt to exchange a PS2, with no receipt, just bunch of numbers written on the back of a piece of mail, with feasibly pissy pants.

    Needless to say the exchange went well.

    I have never played Sims Castaway before. As Sims go, it's not my favorite. ADHD and the Sims aren't a great combo. I've still found it to be entertaining somehow (like if I were God AND an interior designer combined). But Castaway doesn't give you much option on the design tip. The Sims SUCK without a memory card. Its the worst, other games suck without a memory card too, but not as bad as the Sims... The only enjoyment you can get from the Sims is what's derived from what you accumulate VIA SAVING! GGrrrrr... I am taking memory card donations, yep, that's right. PM me and I will give you my address... just send me a PS2 memory card in the mail... deal? eh? eh?

    OOOhhhh and Shadow the Hedgehog cusses! That took me by surprise. My four year old was super excited to play this game, come to find out Shadow is potty mouth. "Damn!" a cartoon hedgehog that says "Damn!" a lot. Oh well, Jeremiah and Levi still love it. They know not to mimic the damned hedgehog.
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    Re: (PS2) Because I am lame

    \(^o^)/ yay Peach Follows! my first console was a PS2 as well! !

    And you're right, games really suck if you don't have a memory card. what i can't understand is that they're still like $20! i thought the price would go down by now!

    would you mind a game suggestion? Simpsons: Road Rage! a really fun, easy game that lots of people can enjoy! and no potty mouths!

    ( ^-^) it was the first video game i ever owned! basically you get to choose from a whole cast of Simpsons characters, and you drive around and pick people up and drop them off at where they want to go! it's a taxi game!

    if you feel like checking it out, here's a youtube video of how the game plays!
    YouTube - Simpsons Road Rage: Sunday Drive Trial 1

    OH! and they also have special characters and cars on Christmas Day! and one other day, but i forgot!

    Hope this helps! have lots of fun! !

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    Re: (PS2) Because I am lame

    he he, my first console was the Sega Mega Drive (or master drive? something like that anyway)

    But, the console that I use the most is the PS2! Can't believe how expensive the memory cards are still, but you can find the non official ones for much cheaper prices in some places.

    100% agree with Abu with the Simpsons game! Most fun I had in a long time!

    Ape Escape is awesome fun as well! Don't know if the apes might look scary to some kids though... It's on PS1, so I've had trouble finding it where I am T__T
    YouTube - Ape Escape (PSX) - gameplay sample

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    Re: (PS2) Because I am lame

    Shadow's supposed to be angsty and tough. So they make him cuss.
    Many people hate Shadow, I think he's cute.
    I'm one of the few people that don't mind him existing in the Sonic Universe.

    Congrats on getting a PS2!
    I'd suggest easy-startoff games for the PS2, but I'm different in tastes...
    The easiest thing I've got that I could suggest is The Bouncer.
    If you like beat-em-up games, that's a goodin'. Basic cussing there, though.

    And yeah, memory cards are a killer in money. They won't drop in price for a looooong time.
    Tell ya' what, when I've got more time within the next few weeks (summer classes kill me), I'll look over my PS2 memory cards.
    I transferred most of my data into my PS3, so I could definitely send you those.

    Ah yes, if you like simple and beautiful games. Go for team ICO games.
    ...like ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.
    Beautiful indeed. Simple indeed.

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