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Thread: Roots.

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    I don't even care who looks here anymore. Sometimes its good just to re-visit my roots. I was already an adult when I found this site, but I was very much still growing up. It's humbling to look back on everything, still all archived.

    Anyhow, let me not talk like it's a dead site. Just.... changed.

    I'm still over punctuating. Still clutching Atomik_Sprout who has surrendered to being the love of my life. lol That's right babe... admit defeat.
    I'm still raising two giant children (who are 6 and 9 now!). And even though Sprout and I have been able to influence them to a degree.... they still wander from the beaten path and end up liking things like "Sonic Underground" and Justin Bieber (much to Sprouts dismay).

    I went to school for a Semester... and then... never went back. I failed a class, and failure scares me. But I plan to go back and tackle that AFA. Yep. Still making Art, been in a few cool shows... but not much more than an experience to show for them. I will be in another coming up soon, maybe someone will buy my work... a girl can dream right?

    I've been playing WoW a lot lately, I never -wanted- to get into that game.......... but some things are just unavoidable. I still manage to take care of other things though, like hygiene... and kids.

    I have some AMV ideas. I'm thinking a mesh of GTO with Utada "Easy Breezy", and also a mesh of "Skycrawlers" with Deadmau5 "Raise Your Weapon". ......Dope right?

    I haven't written much, aside from facebook updates. That's one of the things I miss most about AO. Staying up with a forum convo is really great for keeping in practice. I'm almost afraid to ask if there's still a POTM. I suppose a good start would be to venture through the forums and see if I have any 2 cents worth sharing.
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    Re: Roots.

    wow i thought everyone left after be bop screwed everyone over its cool to see you still come and lurk thought its rare.
    i think im one of the very rare people that hopes it will get better one day for AO . and its great news your kids are doing good and its about time you and sprout got together i thought you were gonna kill each other from the last thing i read from you lol.

    ts good to hear from you though
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