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Thread: Sunday Funday

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    Talking Sunday Funday

    this will take forever to load.
    Soooo, the kids woke up quite a bit earlier than I had anticipated this COLD sunday morning. Needless to say I wasn't eager to jump out of bed. So in an effort to rouse me from my comatose state... My six year old came in with his markers, and 3 little brown lunch bags. "Lets make puppets!" he exclaimed.... So that is how I spent my waking hours on this loverly sunday. By putting on THE MOST AWESOMEST PUPPET SHOW EVER!!!! (that was really what we called it too )
    So, since it was his very inovative idea. I will start by introducing Levi's characters. 6 year olds are brilliant. I can still remember how inspiring kindergarten was for me.


    I call this one...

    I have quite a spirited 3 year old as well. Jeremiah's characters are so ...special..



    And of course... I was basically FORCED to join in on the festivities. (Like a big kid at 25) Sooo... Here be MY puppet people.


    It's like a self portrait...

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