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Thread: They grow up so fast.

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    They grow up so fast.

    My oldest son... will be six on Friday.

    That means I have been a mother for close to 7 years! (Yes, I included pregnancy in that too.)

    And I doubled the load, so to speak, by having a second child. He is 3 now.

    2 boys. Levi, my firstborn,

    And my baby, Jeremiah.

    As fun as it is. to see them growing up. It is also very challenging. The older one does this thing... Where he repeats the most random phrases... over and over... Often in a goofy voice. -He- thinks it is hillarious. I, however, am ready to pull out my hair by the 8th cycle of "Polly wanna craker? Polly wanna cracker? Polly wanna cracker?" ect....

    My youngest also has his ways of testing my patience... These last few months, hes been having these really odd emotional reactions. For instance, it seems like everything makes him cry, scream or shout... Everything! Even when he is happy. He screams. Like these squealing, shrill , squeaky, yelps of excitement.

    No matter what though... those two boys are the reason that the sun rises in my world. They are.....

    my heart

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    Re: They grow up so fast.

    Awwwwww...so cute peach. Levi looks incredibly adorable and Jerimiah looks so beautiful. I love their eye color as well. I hope my baby comes out looking so precious like that. ^_^

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    Re: They grow up so fast.

    I love your kids. They're pretty fantastic, but all kids have their annoying points of course. But hell that makes us love them more don't they? They're both gorgeous and incredibly smart. Maybe Jeremiah is a little overwhelmed with his feelings or life and that's why he reacts like that to everything? It's easy for little farts to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. And when you donno how else to express yourself you react the way you know how. I'm sure all he needs is to be talked to about how to react to things like that and how to deal with his feelings better.

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    Re: They grow up so fast.

    Your babies are adorable and i agree with how they seem to grow up so fast since I am a mom myself. there are just those times when you look at them and it's like the kinda city where you blink and you pass by it. I am sorry if the metaphor sounds ugh but when you look at them now and remember how they are a few years ago it's like time goes by too fast.

    Your kiddies are truly adorable Miss Peach.
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