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Thread: What about -your- past?

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    What about -your- past?

    I'd be happy from anyones input on this....

    Does your past effect your present? Can it effect your future? If your past still impacts you, does that make you irrational? Does it mean you're holding on to something too strongly? If you were holding on to something... does that mean you're unhealthy?

    I don't think it does.... but I'm not above being wrong.

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    So maybe my past IS unhealthy...

    Should I let it go? If I did, I would probably become the selfish, uncaring person people are pegging me as anyway. If you put the shoe on me, I may as well wear it around the block.

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    Re: What about -your- past?

    Personally I find it unrealistic to think that your past isn't going to affect your present. If this was ENTIRELY possible, no one would EVER learn anything from the crap they went through. We would repeat history over and over again and we would make mistake after mistake and learn NOTHING. We wouldn't care about anyone because we would have no past interactions to base our opinions on.
    I can't get my past out of my head personally. And while I know FOCUSING on my past, is bad, and unhealthy, regarding it, considering it, and using it to judge how future experiences may or may not go, I feel like is an ok thing to do. And even if it's not I personally can't forget my past. I can't pretend it didn't happen. I can't pretend I didn't learn from the things that have happened or that they've made me who I am. And that's exactly it. My past has made me who I am now. And there's nothing I can do to change the past just the current and the future.

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    Re: What about -your- past?

    In my reagrads for this past towards the present, it seems it does affect your future when something in the past makes it react to what your facing today in life. Is not wether you should keep on going it is to complex to even try to prove what your showing, and most of us are uncappable to even face our own past with the present. It is to shameless to me to admit into what i am saying it is to hard on my wording.

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    Re: What about -your- past?

    “We cannot change the literal past, but we can change the effects of the past so a certain negative event in the past is changed so it is no longer negative to us.”

    And that’s true that we can’t change what happened in the past even it was terrible and very painful or unhealthy but we can learn from it and we create our self from the past that we lived. Thought the person who doesn’t have past doesn’t have present or jut doesn’t have future, but as we move in this life we learn more then we learn from our mistake in the past.

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    Re: What about -your- past?

    while it is true that we can't change our past it will always also be true that it will be part of us somehow. it molds us into what we are and who we are. I can't say that i have had a perfect one, just a lot of learning room to fill is how I look at it but the past should never be why people are judged.
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