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Thread: Are you being decieved?

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    Are you being decieved?

    So I went off into documentary land again... (One of my favorite pass times). And, I stumbles upon a documentary called The Obama Deception.

    Basically it just stresses how Obama is really just a pawn to help carry out a New World Order. How he deceives us into believing him while he supports the opposite of what he says... It also stresses how it isn't Obama who is really in control at all.. Once again he is just a puppet.

    The film concludes itself by streesing how YOU (we) are part of the problem we we fall for the mass hype. And how its up to you (us) to become part of the solution... By helping to expose the truth, although it gives no real instruction on how one should go about doing so other than to research the facts. (That's a GREAT idea, but when you're talking about secret stuff that civilians arent SUPPOSED to know... its kind of hard to gather facts and expose much.

    Click here to watch the Documentary

    Now... I dunno, I can be a sucker, I have bought into my fair share of conspiracy theories. And its not that I believe everything I see/hear. Its that I think some people have really extreme ways... some outlandish suggestions, about how things are being concocted in our world. So they get passed off as attention seekers who exagerate or embellish the truth. After all... No one ever sees anything outlandish taking place... right? (even though its under our noses)

    You could find a million people, suggesting a million theories. Theories about religious organization. Theories about secret societies, and conspiracy to organize New World Order. And you can literally web that one out into more and more theories of just how that agenda is being carried out.

    I guess the reason I am such a sucker is because... History has already shown me how easily a mass of people can be convinced that some outlandish concept... is the right one to follow. Just because something seems far fetched... Doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
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    Re: Are you being decieved?

    don't worry. I'm a sucker, and these silly documentary's are geared toward potheads like me too. and i don't believe there are conspiracy's... i know there are conspiracy's man.

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    Re: Are you being decieved?

    Well there is one flaw in the conspiracy theory area. Working for the government I find it hard to believe that they are capable of creating vast conspiracies. Shadow corporations maybe. Government no.

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