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Thread: Abu ain't here...

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    Abu ain't here...

    *sigh* (Abu started work today)

    Abu's my other self.

    Not my other half - my other self.
    Though we often compliment each other in many ways - we're also very much alike. We do balance each other out, but we also walk as individuals. We may act opposite from one another, but we're pretty much headed the same way.

    *sigh* It never feels like my other half is missing, but it sure does feel like things are empty without her.

    ^^; Though in all honesty, when she's not around I often get a lot of activities done. I run my days according to her. Whatever she feels like doing or not doing, I judge my next action on. And many times I just think "Too bad for her, I'm still doin' it! ", so I ain't whipped.
    If anything, she's whipped by me.

    Anywho... I often make poor judgment when she's not around.
    When Abu's around, I'm very aware of things around me - and become very sharp in the mind.
    It's more or less a defense mechanism. I gained this instinct because Abu and I got into A LOT OF SERIOUS TROUBLES in the beginning of our relationship. So now, I'm practically built to protect our relationship from any problem.

    ...but yeah... with her not being around today, my judgment was off... anywho, I wanted to go buy Conquest today. For the sake of the idea that I get very bored when Abu's not around - and waiting 'til Thursday to get it would kill me in boredom. X_X (If I even have the slightest ounce of "boredom" in my veins, I go crazy. I ALWAYS have to do something. Abu can vouch for that.)

    So anyways, I looked in my wallet and pockets, and I LITERALLY WAS OFF BY ONLY $0.32!!! THIRTY TWO CENTS MORE AND I COULDA' GOTTEN THE GAME!!!

    How depressing!

    ...and everywhere I looked outside, I only found pennies. F***ING PENNIES!! T_T

    I thought of going to Circuit City, which was around the corner. But they have AWFUL customer service. You could ask them for anything about music, and they'd tell you. ANYTHING NOT MUSIC, they have no f***ing idea if it even exists - even when it's RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. >_O
    I'd REALLY rather not!
    I hated the Circuit City near there...

    ...so I looked in my credit. I had money!
    ...but I wasn't supposed to spend it...

    .............at least not a large amount.

    ^^ So I cheated myself by only taking out $5 from the credit card. BOOM! Got the game! WHOOO!

    ........as soon as I got out of the store and turned the corner, I saw that the Circuit City was having a GOING OUT OF BUSINESS sale.
    ...yeah, right, of course, wonderful, amazing, w00t-di-f***ing-do!


    How awful is my luck that the VERY DAY I refused to go to Circuit City (I go there OFTEN) was the VERY DAY that I didn't have enough money to buy my game and was the VERY DAY I decided to cheat my credit crunch!
    ... *sigh*

    Ah well... I have the game...
    I guess that's coo.
    I know I coulda' just turned around and resold the game for full-price, since it was still in its plastic and I still had the receipt. But the cashier-guy in that game store's REALLY incompetent. So I'd really rather not.

    Oh, and a short note to Abu:
    I think there's some backpacks I'm interested in at Target in Glendale.
    I'll see if I can get it by next week. K? ^_^ I wuv ya'.

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    Re: Abu ain't here...

    *^-^* i love you to Darling... i'm sorry for all the bad stuff...

    *^--^* but it'd nice to be home~

    EDIT: ^_~ and it's true, he does get very grouchy/crazy when he gets bored! that's my sweetie~!

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