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Thread: AC, Bladestorm, DBZ, & Wii Music Deprivation

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    AC, Bladestorm, DBZ, & Wii Music Deprivation

    Sazuka came over in Animal Crossing yesterday!
    At Abu's town.

    We need more people though... with just Abu and I around, it's not as interesting for a guest to come over... especially if I'm setting up a competition that Abu'd have an advantage in because she's in the same room as I am (though oddly, I can't be heard on the Wii Speak as clearly as she is... maybe my room is too messy).

    ...I think if I set up a competition, I'll stay out of the game, just dictate, narrate, and comment from Abu's WiiSpeak.

    That way, 4 people competing!

    ...though if it comes to fishing competitions, I am SO going to join in and WIN!!!


    *sigh* Wish everyone had a PS3, though... I'd love some back-up in MGO. I'm always on the "stacked against" team... always going against pros, while everyone on my team either doesn't work well with one another - or is just really bad at the game (or makes stupid decisions... which also sucks).
    T_T I'm tired of me and one other person always being the crutch for our team.


    It's always
    (narration, not actual conversation)
    "Hey guys! I'm here to help! I'll sneak to the front and provide cover fire while you guys move ahead!"
    "...hey look at that guy in the front, he seems to be doing well, let's go somewhere else..."
    "I got 'em guys! Go! Go! Go! ...guys? ...GUYS?!! *headshotted"


    "Hey guys! Me and this crazy girl are totally in the front lines, we could really use your sniper support!"
    "...huh... look'it that over there, a person who's out in the open but is in no way endangering my allies... and interestingly enough, I can't even hit him while he's standing still!"
    "GRENADE!!! AAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!! *doom"


    "I'mma' just sneak around this way while my team keeps them busy..."
    "Hey! I'm gonna' follow you!"
    "Stop following me! You're making it obvious that someone's here!"
    "Whooh! Look at me! I'm throwing grenades around the corner!"
    "YOU IDIOT! WE'RE SNEAKING!!! WE'RE SNEA- *headshot"


    "Why's that guy killing our own team? I've got to stop him!"
    "Hahahahaha! I think I'm so funny knocking my teammates out! HAHAHA-*headshot"
    "TAKE THAT!"
    "Didja' see that guy? He totally killed our team despite the fact that he killed the guy who's been killing us several times! KICK HIM!"
    "No wait guys! I was jus-*KICKED"


    "I'm gonna' place this trap right here... wait 'til the enemy comes here and go around for a sneak attack while they're busy getting rid of the trap."
    "Hey guy, wassup?"
    "NO WAIT!"
    "*sleeping gassed* HURK- Zzzzzzz"
    "...oh for crying out loud... gotta' drag him outta' here..."
    "Hey look! A body being dragged! That's gotta' be the enemy! Grenade the f***er!"
    "NO WAIT GUYS! IT'S -*explosion"


    Why me?

    Anyways... I've been playin' Bladestorm... Awesome game.
    A lot harder than I thought it would be at times. That's Koei for you. Love them guys.

    Despite the fact you can't fully be awesome fighting styles and what-not, the game is surprisingly exhilarating! Charging into battle, your armies clashing into their armies, crowds of people bashing, smashing, and slashing at one another. Horses stampeding through the crowds, knocking you across the screen as you hit a castle wall. Cannons blowing armies literally into the water. A main commander facing you, showing who's the better between you two while battles happen all around you. Capturing a fort while the enemy just captured your's, so you're going to face each other coming back to reclaim the forts. Arrows coming at you while you're going at fully speed. Throwing a light axe on the back of a horse commander and watching him fall off the horse. And the lovely feeling you get when your group of 25 is facing at least 50-75 (at times, 100) soldiers at once, and with quick-thinking you can change the tide of this battle within minutes.

    Friggin' LOVE IT!!! *angel music*

    Game's awesome.

    ...oh, and Abu and I have been watchin' the... er... .... ...seventh? Season of DBZ (bought it recently). Ah good memories watchin' it, as well as surprisingly new feeling to it! I suggest for all you old-DBZ-fans to watch the series again (on the new uncut boxsets that include optional original music and Japanese dubbing... only $30). It actually feels brand new! (and makes you want to beat someone's butt in a DBZ game)

    Can't wait for the... erm... 8th? Season boxset to come out. Hurrah for the Majin Buu saga!

    ...oh, and I haven't been playing Wii Music lately...
    ...I really miss it already... Wanna' make a new song! NEW SONG!
    ...not sure which song... and not sure when I'll play it again.

    Maybe tonight?

    Maybe clowncare?

    Some ants toot.

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    Re: AC, Bladestorm, DBZ, & Wii Music Deprivation


    (T_T ) i'm so sorry Darling! i know i'm always around for those stories... but i'm always to scared to ask what's going on...

    ^_^ if you wanna play Wii Music today we can! can bust out the banjo and we'll rock the house!

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    Re: AC, Bladestorm, DBZ, & Wii Music Deprivation

    Wow, sounds like you do get stuck with some gems in MGO. If PS3s weren't so expensive, I'd get one, but I don't have one. Those scenarios were frustrating as hell, I bet. But to anyone who reads them, it's gonna be ****ing hilarious. Laughed my ass off.

    First chance I get, I'm gonna get the first couple of seasons of DBZ like you suggested. Ever since the sets started to come out, I always wanted to get one at least, just hadn't yet. *shrug*

    Anyways have fun playing new gen games. . . . .I'm still PS2ing it.

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    Re: AC, Bladestorm, DBZ, & Wii Music Deprivation

    Next time, let's play when it isn't midnight over here.

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