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Thread: Animal Crossing, BWii2, and MGO

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    Animal Crossing, BWii2, and MGO

    Animal Crossing's been goin' pretty great. KK Slider's comin' tonight! Awesomeness.

    A few disruptions of the Nintendo WFC has been refusing Abu and I to going to each other's towns... but that was either due to her putting her cellphone RIGHT NEXT TO her Wii (I know that WiFi and cellphone waves battle each other), or my bro was playing Xbox LIVE last night. :/ Either way, it totally sucked.

    Ah vell, it got fixed by the next day and we were able to send each other's gifts and such.
    Oh, and for all you future AC-players. Know this: Though it may be less risky, sending a letter to a friend IN THEIR TOWN actually takes MUCH longer to get to them as opposed to sending them a letter from your town (which can get lost... foreeeveerrrr..... but that's rare).

    Anywho... I've got a pretty huge fish collection in my museum right now... let's see if anyone can beat that without changing the date on their Wii.
    Even the people in the city and in Abu's town KNOW I'm an awesome fisher! Hell yeah!

    ... ._. That's actually my main form of income... the orange tree that I planted (thanks to Abu's town being a great source of oranges) hasn't grown yet... and it's the only one planted.
    I don't want to mass-produce foreign-fruit trees like most people did in other Animal Crossings (and I did it once, too).

    I want to start with one, and go from there. Only use one tree, then take the fruit and create four... then more and more and more...

    Oh, and I'm almost ready to make my beautiful forest area...
    It isn't ready yet, just a few more days and I'll have enough ingredients. Not even Abu knows where I'll put it, or what it'll look like. I'm keepin' it all hush-hush.
    Why? Because I want to make it a landmark location for my town. ^_^

    I always like making landmarks in each of my towns... don't like it when the only people making good stuff for the town are the AIs.

    So yeah.

    Anyways... onto other matters...

    Mario Kart Wii... some people say the DS version is better for local play. I must agree on that part...
    You see, Mario Kart is ALWAYS great in local play. ALWAYS.
    But apparently in Mario Kart Wii, the AI's are rubberband-minded... meaning they only aim for whoever's in first place.

    Though I can EASILY handle them by myself, most people have a hard time going up against that kind of tactic.
    ...oh, and don't see that as gloating... it's the only thing in the game I can be proud that I'm good at... T_T
    When I'm facing human-players, my bad luck switch turns on... and I get MURDERED EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.... EVVVEEERRRRYYYYY SINNNNGGGGLLLLEEE TIMMMMMEEEE...

    But when I'm against AIs: Easy Breezy. So not fair.

    So in that case, most people don't want the AI's to be there while they're playing local play.

    Now how can this be a problem?

    The stages in Mario Kart Wii are HUUUGE... without the huge mass of players in the screen, the game looks like a darn ghost town!
    ...while in the DS version, not only are the stages smaller- but the AIs aren't as deadly.

    *sigh* But if people don't care about the AIs, or if I'm only playing with one other person and going online: It's one of the greatest games EVAR!
    Oh, and don't listen to people who say the Wii-Wheel (or Whiil) is awful, IT REALLY REALLY DEPENDS ON YOU.
    I, for one, LUUUUUUV it. Abu on the other hand, prefers the GC controller.
    I think it adds a bit more excitement to the game.
    And sure, you have to exaggerate the turns a little bit (depending how far you are from the sensor bar... and if you've got an advanced sensor bar, or the normal one), but isn't Mario Kart exaggerated itself?
    It ain't supposed to feel realistic. It's supposed to feel fun!

    ^_^ Besides, there are some Whiil-masters out there! Don't let people fool you into thinking the GC-controllers are more accurate:: Whiil masters can grind GC-masters into the DIRT! The weirdest part is when they grind you into the dirt while using a Whiil on a motorcycle! O_o

    (Oh and if you need any other deciding factor as to get Mario Kart Wii: ONE OF THE BEST ONLINE EXPERIENCES EVER!!! Not only is it exciting and fun, and not only do you get to vote to which stages you want -- but it doesn't matter WHERE the people are from, THEY RUN SOOO SMOOTH! Better than most games out there! ...RARELY, people WILL glitch, but it never gives them an advantage or disadvantage, and it never really affects the race.. and if you ever face me and see how TINY my score is.......... *sigh* Like I said, I have bad luck. AWFUL luck)

    Well... enough about that fun mess...

    BWii2! We got it a few days ago, but I was only able to play it yesterday! (finally have some time off from college work)

    Battalion Wars 2 Wii is a friggin' awesome game. The first one came out for the GC, but I never got to try it. (people still suggest buying it... and I might if I find it)
    ...but I have to agree with many people... though I have never played the first one, I can agree with them that the controls are a HUGE improvement from the GC controls. One of the very few times the Wii-controls are definitely easier to use over the GC controls.
    The pointing and clicking, the D-pad, everything! Perfectly placed!

    Though I do have something against it... the graphics...

    I know everyone believes the Wii ain't about graphics, but these aren't really that excusable. The movie scenes have graphics that are amazing, but the gameplay graphics seem like something out of the PS1.
    I know there's a lot of options, a lot of movie scenes, and pretty large areas... but seriously? Why is it so choppy lookin'?
    It hurts my eyes.

    I still play PS1 games to this day, but I can forgive them since they were from back in the day. But the graphics on this game were supposed to be SMOOTH to match the style! The style's very shape-orientated. Nothing was meant to be rough or jagged, nothing was meant to have EXTREME detail. The shape of the soldiers, buildings, and etc were meant to look simplistic, and minimumly cute! But they're not! They try to create that shape, but the graphics just make it look all blurry with the pixelated madness!

    *sigh* At least the game's friggin' fun. And I'd totally love to face someone via WiFi once I beat Campaign mode.

    As for MGO...
    So many glitchers... SO MANY GLITCHERS!
    Friggin' cheats!

    I know I've said all that before, but the reason why I wanted to say it was... I WAS ABLE TO KILL ONE!

    Choke glitchers... I'm not sure how they do it, but their friend chokes them to the ground and somehow they're able to make headshots from where they are (through walls, floors, etc)... they're even able to place things on the ground... :/

    Most times, people are MURDERED by this tactic... but some act of wonderful luck, I was completely ignored in one of my revivals! I was able to get around the traps and kill off the guards (they had two guards watching their backs)...

    One shot, two shot... THEY WENT DOWN!!! WHOOO!!!
    Not only that, but they have this thing called an SOP Destabalizer (destabilizer? desta- whatever)... if you're able to place it in the enemy base and it finishes its countdown, it's able to disrupt the SOP (long story... simply put: the nanomachines within our body) ... making them go insane and immobile.

    ...well, they were able to place one during their choke glitch, thinking that no one would suspect it... >U< THEY WERE DARN WRONG! I WAS THERE AND I TOOK IT OUT RIGHT WHEN IT WAS PLACED!!! BOOYAH!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!

    We lost in the end, but I beat them so badly, I still got 2nd place! TAKE THAT!

    I may not be the best shot in the game! But I'm friggin' creative!!!

    Anyways... the Library's closin'... so that's all I can put!

    See ya's later!!!

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    Re: Animal Crossing, BWii2, and MGO

    ^o^ yay Darling~!

    ^__^ i like to listen to Darling's stories! i wuv u Hun~!

    dunno what song to ask K.K. to play... and i need to find my melon shirt and hat!

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