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Thread: Another Thursdai~

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    Another Thursdai~

    And it's gloomy outside~!!!!
    Argh, I've been hating the hot weather. This feels so nice.

    Did my spinning class. Didn't die too bad, I'm surprised how much better I endured through that. ...maybe it was the Wii Fit waking up my body yesterday?

    I had no idea those guys who sang "Love Shack" also sang "Rock Lobster".... O___o (it was the CD chosen today for Spinning)

    ......... when I told Abu about this after my class, she said the same thing I thought when it first came on: "It's a real song???"

    .......... well, actually I first thought: "omgomgomgomg *giggle*"
    ... But it doesn't sound that girlish. .......... I think.

    I just thought it was funny. Leave me alone.

    Anyways ---- oh, Abu stopped by... once again, she was stalling in her break... Her breaks are SUPPOSED TO BE 10-15 minutes. At times, she makes it 30 minutes.
    She really hates her class. Because it's not that they say bad things about what she draws... it's that they DON'T SAY ANYTHING.
    Abu needs verbal recognition. Even a "that sucks" would make her feel better than "...".

    I bought some WiiWare yesterday.
    That Pirate game with the milf, and two games for Abu: Bonsai Barber and Yummy Yummy Cooking thingy majiggy.

    Yummy Yummy whatever is rather bad quality considering that most free flash games are a lot better in every regard - but Abu loves it since everyone's so happy and the point of the game + execution of the game is so simple and basic.

    For most people, the game's not even worth a dime, to Abu: She'd gladly pay for it. One man's junk, is another's treasure.

    As for Bonsai Barber......
    wow....... it's actually pretty good.
    I mean, most people wouldn't care for playing as a cartoonish barber.
    But if you do (or just think the idea's fun), this game's for you!
    It's simple, basic, but well executed!
    Not only that, but it's fun to play.

    It may seem a simple idea for making the controller vibrate at certain actions: But it makes ALL the difference.
    Often cutting and shaving feel rather bland in games. But in this one, it feels rather fun in the kid-sort-of-way!

    You're only given a certain amount of customers per day. I think that's a neat idea. Others wonder: Why?
    ... obviously people don't understand the idea of: Small doses in order to keep the game interesting.

    Miyamoto uses that idea for all his games.

    Needless to say, Abu loves both games. That's all that matters.

    Ah right, and I bought this WiiWare game back waaaaay back when (weeks ago? or months?)... Maboshi's Arcade, I think was the name.
    I'm actually quite surprised how good this game was.
    I was originally going to ignore it for the sake of the fact that it took itself too seriously (it claimed you'd never go back to an arcade again... really? O_o). But I thought that was rather rude for me to do, considering the fact that I give every game a chance.

    So I bought it to try it out for myself.
    ............ buuuuuuuuuut I never played it. Until last night.

    The games are simple, but challenging. The goal? Different goals for different games. Only 3 types of games, but challenging in their own manners. Point is: Get a highscore.
    Sounds cool, but that's not the part that's worth its price.

    It's when you play with others or go against your own saved replays where the magic really starts.
    The game has three slots. In each slot, a player plays their game.
    Up to 3 players, so obviously only three slots.
    As you play, all three slots can interact with one another... things such as smacking an enemy from your side to another's slot... things such as breaking parts off the sides of the other's games etc...
    things that can get really helpful for your friends, or an annoyance.

    Simple? Yeah. New? Not really.
    But well executed. It reminds me of the ol' game of Tetris vs Dr. Mario. And that's an awesome thing.

    .............. ah yes, and PS3's Eyepet is finally real. For those of you who don't know what the heck that is. It's when you plug in your EyeToy (a camera) to your PS3 and a virtual pet is on the screen.
    It shows you and your room obviously due to the camera capturing it.
    While you're there, there's also a virtual pet in the screen.
    Supposedly in front of you/next to you/or wherever the hell it wants to be.

    You feed it, pet it, and play games with it.

    Sounds cute and fun and etc... buuuuuut... I have a pet already. And he doesn't get the attention he deserves. So to play this game would be betraying my pal.

    It's a cute idea I suppose... but people are freaking out too much about it...

    Makes me want to slap them in the face and say, "No, it's right there. *points at the Wii*".

    Camera technology is nothing new. EyeToy has been out and been doing it for years, but it can only do so much. There's a reason why gaming hasn't lept out of its cage and created a whole new beast because of the EyeToy: It's limited.

    Sure, you can do a lot with it, but the fact is no one wants to play as themselves in a game. They want to play as a virtual-self.
    Until the camera can create a virtual-self around you, there's no use really. That's what Natal's for, right?

    Ah, but here's another problem for Natal and EyeToy: Not only can the EyeToy be upgraded via software to turn into Natal (so in other words, Natal-fanboys should calm down. It's nothing new)... but no one's solved this eeency weeeeency problem yet:


    That's right. You see yourself attacking, blocking, dodging, and interacting with your entire world. But if you want it to be a fully legitimate control, you're going to have to create the most basic command for all games: MOVEMENT

    As far as I've seen, no camera game has been able to do that without some kind of pedal/button.
    And if the camera truly wants to see what you look like and move like, there's a problem: How do they make you a great warrior without getting rid of the idea of you holding the controller?

    Ah, but here's where the Wii excels: Notice that thing attached to the Wiimote? It's a Nunchuk. it's a joystick. And it solves all the problems for movement.

    The other consoles are either going to have to think of something truly innovative or steal Wii's peripherals completely.

    And Nintendo's smiling. They've done exactly what they've wanted since the beginning. In fact, I'm smiling with them.
    Most gamers don't realize what Nintendo's been trying all these years. Yet it's been so obvious.
    You just had to take a step back and look at it from the perspective of a bystander, not as a gamer.

    The instant I knew what they were trying to do, I became a Nintendo fan. Before that, I just thought Nintendo was "okay".

    So go ahead Sony and Microsoft. Improve completely. That's exactly what we wanted.

    .......ah but yes, I'll get myself an EyeToy for the EyePet.... I'll give it a few rounds, but I'll spend 4x more time with my dogs to make up for it.
    It's a cute idea, really.

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    Re: Another Thursdai~

    ^_^ Darling is so smart~

    and thank you so much for the games Darling~ i luvurlez them!

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    Re: Another Thursdai~

    I see floating hearts in the air... o.o the world is so corrupt.. but at least things like this still happens...

    Legion Ketsueki Lives on~!!
    I'm BACK AO!

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    Re: Another Thursdai~

    Quote Originally Posted by Soshi Kitai View Post
    Most gamers don't realize what Nintendo's been trying all these years. Yet it's been so obvious.
    That they are trying to make .HACK// a reality?

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    Re: Another Thursdai~

    naw, that's pc-gaming.

    Nintendo's been trying to get the industry back into its roots of "finding new ways to play".

    Other consoles got so stuck up in the hype of graphics and realistic, that they almost forgot to keep trying to make video games more fun through any means possible (new peripherals was one of the main ingredients).

    Igniting the competition into "copying" them is forcing them to finally try harder in out-of-the-box ideas. It's working pretty well.

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