Fuggin' hell is AVP (the game) a different kind of fun.
I expected it to be something, but it didn't turn out to be that something...
...then I was sad.
Then I kept playing, and found out it was something else, and I liked that something else.

I have to say though, in certain stages-- Predator is TOO GOOD. They need to distance where he can get his items at, after they respawn they already get themselves their items and eviscerate us at a distance. Humans do pretty good against them if the humans aren't in a small hallway...

...gosh, in that one level, Factory, I think, the Predators get equipped and put their backs against the wall of an open area, while everyone else has to get to them from the sides or the stairs... if they're human, it's practically a joke. We get killed too fast in that situation.
When it's Aliens, they're a darn good distraction, but mostly won't survive taking the Predators out in that situation.

...as I see it, Aliens seem to be the least cared for by people... mostly because they're extremely limited to how they fight. They ANNIHILATE humans, though. Take out a few lights here and there, and they're dead. Handling an Alien though, is really tough. Knowing which way is up or down, which way your facing, starts to blur once you start going in high speed. BTW: If you're gonna' be an Alien: KEEP MOVING, AND FAST.
Aliens can't take much hits to the head (much like everyone else), and they've got a pretty big head. ...best way to survive that onslaught is to move fast, attack in packs, and strike from the dark.

Predators are pretty darn intimidating. They can do amazing melee, they can cloak, they can use their projectiles and prox mines, and worst of all: Their goddamn leaping! It's pretty whatever in the beginning, but once they start pouncing at you from a distance, there really isn't much you can do. The most you could hope for is if they make themselves an easy target (their projectiles emit a large and noticeable lasersight), or if they try to fight in close quarters (a well-timed counter or shotgun puts them in their place).

Aliens get countered so easily... but they do friggin' amazing melee damage, much more than the predators. Not only that, but if they're knocked down, they can try to scramble away and hide again (letting their wounds heal).

Aliens can see both species if they're close enough. Predators can only see them one at a time (or use normal vision and be as blind as a human in the darkness). And humans can't see jack-squat.

Aliens don't really catch other Aliens on their screen as easily as the others (from what I can remember). Predators can see the heat signatures of other predators, but they're not highlighted like the other two. And humans can obviously see other humans.

A human has to rely on their flashlight, and their sight.
If you're an Alien or Predator, you know where your target is once they're close enough.
A human has to see that little black thing move in the distance or suddenly from one shadow to the other (Alien), or see if they see a blurry image jumping from spot to spot (Predator).

Of course, humans have one thing that's amazing: A radar.
Once any enemy gets close enough, the radar will pick up their movement and show a tiny dot on the tiny map where they are.
...problem is, it's sometimes hard to figure out which direction it's really coming from if you're with a group (as all of them will show up in your radar). It's based on movement though, if the enemy quits moving (looking around counts as moving), you can't see where they're coming from. This gets problematic when an alien is hanging right above you, or if a predator is waiting around the corner.
The radar's mostly effective against Predators, as their cloak suddenly becomes much more useless. ...against Aliens? Well, it doesn't say if they're on the wall, on the floor, or the ceiling... and when Aliens book it, they can get behind you in a split second.

I happen to love the game mode: Infestation.
Everyone starts out as a Marine. Then one of them is turned into an Alien. It's his job to kill people and turn them into Aliens. Much like a game of Zombie.
Except instead of Zombies; Aliens. ...fast moving, pitch-black, terrifying aliens.
It's easy when you're in an outside area with sunlight, as you can see them coming from a mile away if you all form a defense (at that point, the Aliens can only outrun your bullets, or make you run out of them before the can get to you)... but when you're in an inside-area with lots of lightbulbs? ................ funnest thing, EVER.
If the enemy's smart, they'll start taking out all the lightbulbs, waiting for a cocky Marine to split up from the rest of the group to walk into the darkness. ...the other Marines will know something's up once they see a darkened corner suddenly light up with flashes from a gun, and a human scream. They'll most likely kill the Alien, but at that point: It's too late. Now there's two Aliens, twice the chance of them killing off the Marines.
I just love it when everyone starts flashing their flashlights up and down... not seeing where the Alien is. Then sudden gunshot flashes light up the hallway, as a horde of Aliens are getting closer and closer. So fun!

Humans have the advantage of the radar, and their flexibility in guns... sniper rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, pistol, flamethrower, machine gun. You know, typical FPS stuff. It suddenly becomes obvious why these make the humans tough...
The predators have to obtain their weaponry, and though their supply is infinite once obtained: the items are usually put in a slightly-hard-to-get-to area, long-range weapons reveal an extremely noticeable red-laser-aim, and more than enough times have I seen people kill themselves or their own teammate mishandling their weapons. ...their weapons are mostly one-hit kills.
The aliens have... melee. That's about it. Speed, melee, and darkness. If they can outmaneuver a Predator, they can definitely do the same to humans.

But humans... they've got tons of ammo, and their weapon choices are great. The shotguns are useful for any predator or alien thinking they can do a frontal charge on a Marine, the sniper rifles aren't just used for taking out enemies in a distance: it's also for spotting cloaked predators from a further distance than usual, the flamethrower will do constant damage at a wide arc (if it doesn't kill them immediately, it could kill them shortly after), and the machine gun does a bit more damage - but more importantly: has a screen that makes enemies much easier to spot.
Most humans just stick with the assault rifle, though. Standard stuff. Comes with a grenade launcher.

At first, I thought I really liked being a Predator. Then I thought I really liked being an Alien. Then I really liked being a Human!

I mean, Predator's awesome with the ability to leap from one spot to another (making running Aliens nothing more than target practice), and the stealth is friggin' awesome, and nothing really beats the melee skills that they've got (not as powerful as the Aliens, but has more variance).

And the Aliens... wow, friggin' fast! Able to get in and out of fights in the blink of an eye. And the excitement you feel when you know the humans can't see you above them is amazing! And the evil glee you get when you know you just confused a predator when you ran underneath their feet so quick that they punched thin air.

And humans? I thought they were the bottom of the foodchain at that point. But when I was cornered at a Ruins area, I just had my trusty Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle. Would use the rifle's scope to spot the Predator from a distance, counter the alien and rip through them with the Assault Rifle when they hit the ground, and dance around in a crazy melee fight with predators as I would knock them away and mow down their head with my trusty Assault Rifle once they took a step back. Thankfully the Ruins' structure made it safe for me to dodge the shuriken-esque weapons he was launching at me (they bounce off walls).

Overall, I found the game quite fun. Not really that amazing, but fun.
And that's all that matters.