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Thread: BDay

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    Had my BDay celebration yesterday.

    Abu got me a good buncha' gifts.
    At midnight, Abu wished me happy Bday and gave me two gifts.
    One was 300 on BluRay (I love 300 by the way, but I don't get along with those that make that known )... the other was the Mirror's Edge Studio Series Guide, a guide I've been wanting for some time. I'm a fan of Mirror's Edge beauty and unique gameplay, the Studio Series Guide has many beauty in itself.

    So then we slept until we had to wake up to go to class.
    Before class, I was able to open another present, which was Rune Factory for the Wii.
    I loved Rune Factory for the DS, so I've been wanting to get the Wii version for quite some time... however I "NEEDED" it lately, due to several people saying it was one of the Wii games people NEED to get.

    Definitely glad that Abu got it for me.
    Some new girls were added and a few girls were taken out for the Wii version... which is coo.

    Then we went to our classes.

    Oh, by the way, when I went to sleep at midnight, I was feeling a bit sick. I knew the next morning I would wake up sick. And I did. But it's one of those things where the sack at the back of your throat is just full of liquids. I HATE that, just so you know.
    I'd rather have a fever than that.
    And yes, I DID wake up sick.

    So we went to our classes. I wasn't feelin' that great, especially since my throat was hurting (it was hurting because I've been forcing out the liquids... which apparently, just makes it feel like hell... but I'd rather do that than keep the liquid in there - it's an annoying feeling). ...I went to my first class and barely kept my attention there... the feeling in my throat was maddening.
    Because of that, I didn't go to my 2nd class. I couldn't take it. Well, I COULD - but I REALLY didn't want to.

    So I'll have to take that test probably on Monday. Boooo.

    I spent that time inside the HOT car... it was aggravating, but it gave me enough time to make more Scribblenauts levels. I love Scribblenauts, quite fun.

    So after that, Abu and I got some Ice Cream. I LOVE ice cream. I knew the ice cream wouldn't help my throat, but I knew it would make it FEEL better. :3 ........ it did make it feel better, but it made it worse. That's coo, though. I still love ice cream.

    Abu picked up the ice cream cake she ordered while we were there. Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream! Huzzah~! I love ice cream cakes~~~! <3

    We went home, and I got my last presents.
    Champions Online & Spore the evolution Book.

    I've been interested in Champions Online lately... mainly because I'm a fan of City of Heroes/City of Villains (much more so City of Villains) -and these guys were the same developers. I especially liked the idea that you could make your own Nemesis. F'in awesome.
    I'm much more of a villain than anything, really, so I'm not that interested in playing as a hero - but I definitely would play as one if I could make an awesome Nemesis. Masterminds are awesome, I love the all-powerful Villain with a buncha' henchmen (I was a Mastermind in City of Villains), and the idea that you could make an NPC of one and introduce it to other players is AWESOME.

    Very sweet of darling to get it for me, especially since she wasn't that interested in the game (she LOVES City of Villains, but she felt like it was betraying CoV if she played Champions Online.... we haven't played CoV lately because she hasn't been able to run her laptop properly... and we've learned several times that it's not as fun to play it by ourselves --- CoV is much more interesting when the two of us team-up).

    As for the Spore the evolution Book, it's a beautiful book. I was a huge fan of Spore before it came out, just like everyone else. And was quite disappointed with everyone's review of it. ...however, the new version of Spore sounds pretty coo, because making adventures is always coo with me. ... but I've always wanted this book. Artwork is always a goodin' to me, especially that of unique ideas. And the creatures within the book are quite unique.
    Glad I got the book, Abu's owed me the book for quite some time.

    Very sweet of her.

    She even said that she's getting my PSP fixed and even ordered me a DVD that I wanted. She's very very sweet.

    Anywho, we went to dinner with my family afterwards.
    I got to choose where to go, and I didn't want anywhere fancy. Just wanted good food. I chose Black Angus. I'm quite a fan of their steaks, but others don't seem to agree. But whatevs, my bday, my choice.
    But nope, many of the Black Angus' around our area were closed down - so they chose Outback Steakhouse.... they said their prime rib was delicious... I had it, it's not that great. Really wish I got one of their normal steaks, they tasted a lot better (Abu let me have some of her's).

    Oh btw, I DID NOT feel good when I got there. I was overworking myself by just being there... my body was feeling worse.
    I assumed I'd get A LOT more sick by the morning, which was good in my opinion - so I could get rid of the stupid mucus sack...

    I introduced Scribblenauts to my little cousin while we were there. I'm glad he likes it.

    I went to sleep that night, and I was feeling hot in the head...
    I would later wake up feeling awful because the house suddenly got hot... I wanted to hang out in the living room to cool off, by my eldest bro was there watching TV. My bro and I don't get along anymore, so I didn't want to hang out there... but it was SOOOO hot...
    It was maddening...
    I asked Abu if we could hang out in her car. And we did...
    Later on, we went back in and my bro left the living room. ...we found out that he TURNED OFF THE AC... just because he was cold, mutha' f***...... Listen people: It's better to be cold than be hot. I would know, my body temperature is higher than most people's, I'm practically always hot, and I live in hot sunny Southern California. I've visited areas with freezing temperature, and I prefer it there, not just because I'm used to hot weather - but also because you CAN do something when it's cold. If it's cold, you wear heavy clothing. In really hot weather, you could strip naked and it'll still always be hot. If you say "That's what ACs are for!", but if you say that you've never lived in really hot areas... ACs usually BREAK in hot weather. And what happens when you leave the house? You can't AC the entire world. At least freezing temperature can be cured with hot drinks and heavy clothing. Hot weather? Even a cold drink can save you. But they are more satisfying in hot weather, that's one thing to be glad about hot weathers. Trust me, you don't know how good cold soda tastes until you die in the heat.

    Sorry about that, I just get real peeved about those people who say "Oh, I'd rather be in hot weather than cold weather~!" just because they don't know what HOT is. ...darn cold people don't know how good they have it. .... SoCal used to get winds and breezes, but ever since global warming got worse - we haven't gotten any of those... *sigh* ...SoCal's ALWAYS hot now, it's depressing.

    But anyways, eventually we went to sleep after we turned back on the AC and cooled down.
    I woke up REALLY sick the next morning.

    Fever-like symptoms, and I'm feeling GREAT.
    It's SOOOO much better than that mucus sack!

    My muscles ache, my head feels hot, my body feels cold, I have a runny nose - and I'm A LOT happier than I was yesterday.

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    Re: BDay

    ^_^ i'm glad you liked the not-sick part of your birthday Sweetie~ i love you!

    and you're getting better! yay~!

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