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Thread: Classic RPGs

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    Classic RPGs

    Yeah yeah I know I know, I should be working on my geology project...
    ...well, either that or working on my current LBP stage...

    But I have one little quip...

    I've been watching gameplay vids of some old and kinda' new RPGs...
    Mostly, the kind where it's completely turn-based menu-based.

    ...I loved that style of gaming when I was young.

    But now?
    ...I dunno.

    I realize the glory of a true RPG is the storyline, but the classic style of fighting in them is... well... old.
    Really old.
    I mean, if you're gonna' go through the trouble of revamping an RPG with flashy new graphics, gigantic storylines, amazing beasts, and etc... (basically waste a lot of time and money to show people that you spent a lot of time and money, henceforth adding more value to the already great game) ...why are we still running off of the old system?

    No no no, don't get me wrong. I see the beauty in it. It's like a chess game, or a storybook-style of fighting.
    ...but... that was passable a few YEARS back. Now? Not so much.

    We already have our classics! Hell, I'm all about replaying old school games! I'm even about creating a new "old school" game (Cave Story and such) !
    That's coo!

    ...but seriously, if they took PS3 graphics and did that kind of RPG classic fighting, I'd think it's ridiculous!
    I allow turn-based Tactical games to wallow and run and pass by for a good reason! Because tactical games usually have a huge field with several variables to account! All those graphics and storylines and monsters and powers aren't wasted when added to the field! ESPECIALLY BECAUSE TACTICAL GAMES ARE FOR THINKING, RPGS ARE FOR STORYLINE AND LEVEL-FARMING!!!
    I mean hell, tons of RPGs are coming out with real-time battle sequences, and kids are still complaining about going back to old-school RPG style?!


    I loved old-school RPG style. I've said it many times already. I really did.
    But unless you're gonna' do something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WITH IT (adding timing, fusions, combos, and etc DOESN'T COUNT), it's gonna' be like releasing another Call of Duty ( that isn't "4" or "at War" ...if you know CoD games, you know what I'm talkin' about )!!!

    If they made a new "old-school" game with the classic RPG fighting style, I'd just think the game would be "meh" and judge it solely on the storyline. Afterall, they're not trying to wow you with anything fancy, so obviously they're trying to wow you with the story.

    ...but... if an RPG with gigantic graphics were to appear, with giant fields to roam and treasures to be found everywhere, AND IT STILL USED THE OLD STYLE OF RPG-BATTLES - I SWEAR TO GOODNESS GRACIOUS THAT SOMEONE NEEDS TO TELL THE KIDS WHO ARE BUYING THIS STUFF THAT THEY'RE BEING LED ON BY A COMPANY WHO KNOWS IT'S A CHEAP WAY TO SELL A GAME!!!

    ... please kids, listen to me! We're passed the completely-turn-based RPG point at this point!
    When the characters can move smoothly and perfectly in their completely hyper-real cinematics, why can't our characters during the battle?
    They should be able to do it by now, they CAN do it by now!
    But why still encourage the turn-basedness?!

    And thankfully, the creators are merciful enough to make it turn-based... as opposed to getting our best characters immediately killed because one's trying to multi-manage their 10-20 characters.
    I mean, the only Tactical game that doesn't need turns is Final Fantasy Tactics. You heard it here, fanboys, FFT can do better WITHOUT turn-based actions or grids!
    Y'know why?
    Cuz usually your SMALL NUMBER OF CHARACTERS can easily be multitasked and have enough power in each of them to take on 3-5 cronies! THAT DOESN'T REQUIRE THINKING! THAT REQUIRES SKILL! AND SKILL, FFT DOES NOT HAVE!

    ...that's like the combo system in Hoshigami (the one where you smack the enemy to one character, to another character, to another character) and that other game that's copying from Hoshigami.
    It's COMPLETELY USELESS. It really is. Trust me.
    It's just put there for pizazz... make things all fancy and fun.
    It makes the player feel smart and awesome, when an easy double-teaming coulda' done the job more effectively.

    ...but anyways. You kids better not be still yearning for a classic turn-based RPG... we've moved beyond that. We can now actually do what we saw on the CG-cutscene EXACTLY with our controls (as opposed to back then)... and it'll be just as pretty.
    Don't be lazy and want a turn-based system just cuz it "feels right".
    Trust me, I thought that before. But once I started to play more "new RPGs" (despite the fact that they've had non turn-based RPGs for quite a long time), I realized that it's much more dramatic and fun to actually be doing all the actions on-screen. (I do have to admit though, a lot of J-RPGs can't do the real-time battles correctly, Euros and Ammis got them beat)

    ...the only things turn-based RPG battles can be used for to this day are:
    1) A new "classic RPG"
    2) A strategy - RPG fusion
    3) Hentai games
    4) Flash games
    5) Actually old RPGs made before the year 2000

    Only they can be forgiven for using turn-based battle systems. All of y'all should be ashamed for encouraging the set-back of RPGs to this very day!

    ... by now, you should be able to play as your wuvvable Sephiroth in an actual full-blown CG Final battle against a team of Final Fantasy VII characters that should be dead already.
    ...AS AN RPG, not a fighting game. Two different things.

    ...you kids and your old technology... mumble grumble.

    ((Oh, and PS:
    I'm not against random battles. As much as I do love RPGs in where you can see the monsters comin' at ya' -- random battles still put a lot more challenge and fear in trying to just cross a beautiful flowery meadow. I don't think there's much else that can really do that)

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    Re: Classic RPGs

    ^_^ i'm sorry these youngins don't know what they're missing out on, Sweetie~

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