Darksiders is looking a lot more polished than the last time I saw screens and vids of it:
Viddler.com - Darksiders - Uploaded by Joystiq

Lookin' good.

...but in all honesty, in all my beliefs and philosophy: I would never want to support Hell (killing angels and such). Even though technically it's not their time (as this is an accidental Apocalypse), in every manner: they're NOT supposed to win that war. That war's not even a war, it's a symbol, so for the symbol to be turned upside down would just be... well, let's just say "that's f*cked up".

... if they DO allow me to help Hell in order to gain a different ending: I'll still do it though, just to see the ending. It's a game, no real consequences unless I were to take it to heart.