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Thread: Darn similarities...

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    Darn similarities...

    Just me whining, so unless you know a lot about both games, you can ignore this completely...

    So I've always wanted Operation Darkness for the 360... like, since I've first seen it.

    *sigh* I SO wanted it.

    ...but as you know, I've gotten Valkyria Chronicles for Abu and got HOOKED on it.
    ...so now, I decided to download the Operation Darkness demo.
    You see, I hate downloading demos (demos take the magic away from playing the game for the first time), and God forbid downloading an ATLUS GAME! (I'm a huge ATLUS fan)
    ... but you see, with so many games here and there I want to get, I was afraid another ATLUS game would slip away from my grasp - AGAIN! This isn't the first ATLUS game I was not able to obtain due to other games, and this probably won't be the last.

    ...so anywho, I got the demo as to entice me to choose this game over the other games. To force me to ignore the other games while I dance in the loveliness of usual ATLUS games.

    .........but I hit a snag. I played the demo, and I couldn't bear to play it.
    No you see, it was beautiful, it was great, it was awesome, it was WONDERFUL.

    ...but there's a game BETTER than it! Valkyria Chronicles!

    To a person who has never played either game and just viewed them, they'd tell me I was crazy and say that Valkyria and OpDarkness were totally different! You see in OpDarkness, it's a large field - use walls and objects for cover - completely turn based - use guns - and use squares to move: A classic TBS with guns for a twist.
    Valkyria, it's a large field - use walls and objects for cover - action_turn based - use guns - and energy bar free roam to move: A big twist on TBS/RTS with guns.

    ... T_T The only thing they're REALLY different in is that Valkyria's better in gameplay!
    ... *sigh* I cannot believe I'm doubting an ATLUS game.

    I still see the new things in it: new story, different weapons, powers, RPG-style leveling, map-movements, etc etc... things that make ATLUS wonderful and awesome.

    B-but Valkyria... is so far superior to it in gameplay! You can move anywhere, enemies can shoot at you while you move, teammates can team up, who you're paired up with and where you're at COMPLETELY matter, each character (even non-story ones) have a completely unique personality, the intensity of the hide-and-seek moments when setting up ambushes or being ambushed, awesome use of tanks, sneaking around for weakpoints, tricking enemy soldiers, creating an amazing defense, etc etc etc!
    Where you place every - single - person can affect every - OTHER - person's outcome in a fight!

    Not like OpDark... just a typical RPG-strat.


    I like it when games move forward and think of something new.
    But I never expected that my loyalty to ATLUS would be hurt by it.

    ...I'll still love ATLUS games and all, but Valkyria is OBVIOUSLY the superior.

    ...........unless if any of you have played both and would like to convince me otherwise.

    For those still reading and have no idea what I'm talking about, here ya' go:

    Operation Darkness
    Valkyria Chronicles

    *sigh* See what I mean?

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    Re: Darn similarities...

    aw... you're right Darling...

    ToT i'm very sorry Darling!
    ATLUS is still great company!

    ^_^ just that Valkyria is better... i'm sorry Hun!

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