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Thread: Demon's Souls

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    Demon's Souls

    I got the game for Christmas from Abu. Sweet she is~!

    I got a whole buncha' other things... 2 PSP games, 1 DVD boxset, 2 Wii games, a kidrobot paint-it-yourself dolly thingy, 1 magnetman set, 1 DSi, 2 360 games, 1 T-shirt, 1 set of sharpies, 1 old cellphone that was a favorite brand of mine, 2 Wii points card, 1 cologne, and money.
    Mind you, this includes post-Christmas shopping gifts for myself.

    Awesome Christmas, you shoulda' seen the gifts I gave to people. But this isn't about Christmas, this is about Demon's Souls.

    So I got Demon's Souls for Christmas but I haven't played it much until recently. Mostly because I've been intimidated of it. And the other excuse was that I was too busy playing YuGiOh Tag Force 4 and playing over system link with Abu with her new 360.

    ........ yep.

    Anyways, so I finally pop in Demon's Souls expecting two things: 1. Really frightening things. 2. Really hard fights.
    I never really looked at reviews, and I never looked at any screenshots other than the cover and the back of the box.
    Mostly because I don't like to spoil myself on great games.

    I'd trust the game even despite not knowing much about it, afterall, it was sent over by ATLUS. If ATLUS sends it, it's a good game.

    Now you see, I expected scary sh*t. Frightening large demons and devils that attack you when you aren't looking.
    Why would I expect that, well partly because people kept gushing about how hard the game was and how dark the cover looked.
    Usually a combination of the two statements would equal "really scary and impossible enemies".
    ... but I suppose that's an old-school thing. Gone are the days of nearly invincible unexpected enemies that you can see coming but not know what to do other than run.

    Now I expected #2 because everyone kept blubbering about "How it's SOOOOOOO hard."


    Because here's the thing: #1, the enemies are only sub-par scary, they're nothing really frightening since they move quite fluidly and their structure is conceivable. ....when you make a creature that doesn't seem physically possible and moves in a fashion that seems distorted: That's when a psychological fear hits the audience. It doesn't have any of that. It only has "Ohhhhhhh shhhhhhiiii-*runs*" scary. You know, seeing an odd but huge enemy coming around a corner. That kind of thing.

    #2, it's not as hard as people say it is. People often said how the VERY first boss (tutorial boss) was UNBEATABLE, of how he can kill you with one hit, how you can't last 10 seconds in the ring with him, and of how you barely do ANY damage to him.

    ...odd, I lasted for more than a minute, and I took out over half of his life before he killed me. Not that hard. It seemed pretty conceivable that I could've killed him if I had a little more time with him (and if I could actually kill him, that is - not one of those CANNOT DIE bosses, y'know).

    Now people say about how the enemies can kill you if you don't watch yourself and how you'll die several times in each stage - and you're guaranteed to die. And about how there's traps and tricks that'll get you killed until you learn from them.

    ...okay, that's nice, but I'm used to that. I've played games where I died at least 50 times before getting to the next stage. There's tons of games where you die when you don't watch yourself. And there's always traps and tricks that get you killed until you learn from them in a ton of rogue games.

    And people go on and on about how it automatically saves so you can never reset when you get owned to get your stuff back. And about how you can't go back to the main "base" unless you backtrack and you can get killed backtracking. And about how blah blah blah.

    Automatically saves? MMORPGs, play them.
    Backtracking? That's a cinch if you pay attention.

    I think the problem here is: Is that no one plays rogue games anymore. Azure Dreams, Shiren the Wanderer, and all that good sh**.

    You die a lot in those games and have to do a lot of backtracking...

    ...and here's something: YOU KEEP YOUR ITEMS. Sure you lose your souls (the game's form of currency), but you can just get them back by continuing to play. I've played games where you lose EVERYTHING by dying, and there's no way you can get it back!

    And seriously? You people really do reset when you're getting owned? Is that why your YouTube videos always make you look like hotsh*t? Because you're a FAKE?
    I take it like a man and cry from frustration. But I continue playing and playing and playing until I get it right.

    Now here's something to talk about: Lots of people complain about dying so quick in the game. I look at a lot of bloodstains on the floor (if you touch a bloodstain, you see how they died) and I see you guys attacking people head-on and rushing through areas! WTF?! This isn't an FPS! This isn't a hack-and-slash! You DON'T RUSH.

    I see people already getting far ahead of me and showing off their new weapons, but hardly have they had the fun I've had in the game.
    I may complain about the game, but I love it.
    It's just not what everyone hyped it out to be.

    It's easy.
    There I said it. It's an easy game. I've died more times in other games than I've died here. You know why it's hard for you guys? You guys rush. I'm sure you guys are used to your God of War games and Prince of Persia games where you think the faster you go the cooler and better you are: But when you're faced with a "realistic" situation (where being backstabbed CAN AND WILL get you killed), you forget that "real" rules apply.
    You guys aren't careful, that's why the game's hard. You don't prepare, and you don't have patience. This game's easy for me, I could've beaten this when I was much younger.
    Sure it has its hard moments, but it's nothing impossible. I see why I died, I see where I can improve, and I learn from every mistake. I still do make mistakes, but that's what I get for fooling around and having fun. I don't mind that. I do mind you people whining about dying too much in this game - it's not that hard, slow the f*** down and you'll realize: It's a breeze if you just watch and wait.

    I swear, you guys always want an escape from reality that you want games to be as unrealistic as they can get (example: FPS fans who hate campers. Guess what? In real life, people camp. That's how they survive. Skills isn't just about how good you are at aiming and dodging, it's also about predicting the enemy and making intelligent movements.)....
    You guys want a fantasy game where you can save wherever you want and beat up anything you want.
    There's already a BILLION games like that!!!
    It's really nice that there are games like this, where you actually have to make smart moves to live. Because it actually makes you use your brain for once! It actually makes you CARE for once!

    The game has its hard moments and it has its easy moments. But it's nothing brutal. I can take my time with most of these games.

    I'm tired of all your whining and seeing all your bloodstains, you're all making stupid mistakes and compliment the game as if it's the game that beat you not your stupidity.
    I compliment the game for its greatness and addictiveness, but I know when I die - it was my stupid fault.
    Seriously, I've seen your bloodstains... setting off a trap when you're RIGHT IN FRONT OF IT. ...falling down the elevator because you forgot to call the elevator down. ...using a spear on an enemy that can get through your slow attacks. ...charging into a group of enemies instead of trying to lure each one out to weaken their group strength. ...using sword-vs-sword tactics on people with clubs, spears, and axes. ...hiding behind an area that isn't a safe place if you actually thought about it. ...and overall just charging ahead. All your bloodstains are there because you thought you could just rush through.
    F***ing hell! Do you think a robber thinks he can just break into a house and find the jewelry around the next corner? No! The smart burglar actually plans ahead of time and plays it through their head before making such a bold move!

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    Re: Demon's Souls

    And seriously, don't complain about the boss battles.

    Other than the tutorial boss, I've NEVER EVER been killed by a boss in this game, and I've already gone through 6 of them. And heck, I even beat 1 boss that was supposedly too strong for my equipment (I was in an area where most people already had demon weapons and enchanted weaponry... I had a simple dagger and buckle) when I teamed up with a few people - funny thing was, I did most of the damage.
    Oh, and let's not forget when I helped out 5 different people and killed the bosses SINGLE-HANDEDLY.
    You know how you do that, kids? You plan ahead, you watch for patterns, and you back off when the risks are too high.

    And ever since my first time my world was invaded (people can invade your world and try to kill you in order to get their body back... cuz if you die, you lose your body and stay in soul-form) and I was killed due to me being surprised and clearly outmatched (he was not only a good duelist, but had great equipment), I have yet to be killed by an invader since! 6 attempts of people trying to kill me while I was trying to grind in the game... not once did I ask for people to help me. Of those 6, I only got killed once, and that was the first time. The other 5, I handled them easily.
    I've invaded different people's worlds 5 times. And out of all of them, I died only once. And that was by the hands of monsters, not them.

    Does that make me l337? Does that make me pro? Does that make me "the sh*t"?

    No. It makes me the smart guy who thought it was dumb that you were lugging around a huge shield against me when I had a dagger. It makes me the careful guy who watched his step, unlike you, who fell off a cliff trying to chase me. It makes me the guy who actually thinks before he acts, who stabbed you in the back when you decided to heal yourself in an open area.

    Seriously dudes, Demon's Souls isn't that hard. It's medium-difficulty for me. I may not be your level or have all the best equipment like you do, but I can assure you I've survived longer in each stage than you, and I can assure you that you've died a lot more than you're willing to admit.

    I've done more things in my original weak-armored outfit and blade and tiny shield than you've done with that dragon slaying spear and magic shield.
    But hey, that's because I'm playing like how my character's supposed to play - dodge, run, kill, steal. How about you, little miss "I think I should be charging into enemy lines with my big @ss shield while there are assassins about."?
    Thought not.

    .........but Demon's Souls? AMAZING GAME. I love it. May not be difficult as hell, but I like it like that. It gives me a chance to take my time and enjoy the sights (watching bloodstains and reading messages on the floor).

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    Re: Demon's Souls

    ( ^o^)/ i enjoy Demon's Souls as well!

    the Abu is playing as a girl Priest! it's really nice!

    so far the game is difficult, but not impossible. it's something that requires patience, but if you don't have much of that, persistence will do (which Abu has a lot of). still am working through the game with my original stuff (chain mail, mace, medium shield) which i find to be very effective. The shield blocks most fire damage and can take really strong hits. The mace is nice for bashing heads in! the draw back is that i have to move my shield to attack. A rapier is nice to attack with while being fully behind the shield, but it takes so much endurance since you're using your whole body to attack. . .

    but that's just me gushing!

    all in all, Demon's Souls is a great game that requires a heart to play. a brain helps, like what Soshi was saying, but if you have the stones you'll succeed!

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    Re: Demon's Souls

    Wow. I MUST GET THIS GAME. when i read all the hype about "most difficult game ever" my immidiate thoughs were "i guess they threw realism out the window" but if it actually follows the rules of reality i am so in! i'll have to do better than you now, so that i have someone to brag to . thanks for convincing me to buy this game, i've been on the fence since it was announced.

    thanks to zyta for the sick sig and avy!

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    Re: Demon's Souls

    It's a great game, really.

    I'm not the best, don't get the wrong idea. I just actually take my time with these type of games. And it's one of the few games that actually rewards you for watching and waiting.

    There are a lotta' tough people out there, I've recently lost several bouts of invading other people's worlds... I think it's because I spread out my skills too thin, jack of all trades kinda' thing. The type of weapon, armor, skills, magic, and stats you have really do affect the outcome of fights here. As a thief, my only successful PvP kills come from when I actually stay out of the enemy's sight and stalk them.... but recently people have been getting miracles (like spells, except holy) that protect them from sneak attacks and getting weapons that swing in wide arcs... kills me quickly...
    On the other hand, I've been doing a great job killing cocky mages and overconfident knights.

    Good luck in the game once you get it! And remember: READ THE MESSAGES ON THE FLOOR and WATCH THE BLOODSTAINS.
    They really do tell a lot. Most people that ignore them are usually found dead around the corner.

    Once you get it, you gotta' tell me what class you're choosing.

    It's already obvious that I'm all about the Thief.

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