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Thread: Donated Book - Album Got

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    Donated Book - Album Got

    I donated.
    I got their 5 song album~ <3 YAYYYY

    ^u^*** I'm in a gooooood mood.
    You like them?
    I like em. I especially love their Lady Gaga cover (and I don't normally like Lady Gaga). XXnote: Lady Gaga cover not in albumXX

    Christmas! Are you getting ready for the Christmas?


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    Re: Donated Book - Album Got

    always a fun time of year, gettin to see te family und freinds ^_^ (also the time off from school does not hurt te mood )over all its a funn sond (on note to the thread) kinna to space-y for my tastes tho its fun to lissen to for a couple of min's (now tat I lissen o more of it, its rlly space-y O.o)
    death and life are one and the same

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