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Thread: Exes & Abu O_o

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    Exes & Abu O_o

    Been movin' around my mp3s on my cpu lately (I had to sometime) and I ran into an old song my ex gave me.

    I know according to law (the stern looks Abu gives me), I'm not even supposed to even think of my exes. ... but seeing that I'm still loyal to Abu to the end and never even consider the exes in anything of high note, I still do think about them. Not for any drama reasons, but just because they were a big part of my life, just like my ever-despised ex-"best"-friend." Hell, I still think of the guy to this day. It's memories, gosh darnit.

    But yeah... it came into realization while listening to this song that...
    I'm not sure if I ever would've fully gotten into the Japanese culture without her.
    I mean, she totally introduced me into all these J-pop artists and animes.
    And if it weren't for my interests in the ones she introduced me to, I wouldn't have dived further into the culture of Japan.

    And if I didn't dive further into the culture of Japan, I wouldn't have ended up in the groups I ended up with.
    If I didn't end up in the groups I ended up with, I would never have noticed that Little Tokyo existed nor would I have discovered the nice parts of it.
    Also, if I didn't end up in the groups I ended up with, I would probably have not gone into the entire storyline with my other ex.
    And if I didn't end up in that little ditty of a drama, I wouldn't have run into Abu.
    And included with meeting the group, I would never have ended up taking Abu to Little Tokyo (our #1 dating spot)!

    Abu says she's thankful for the things my exes have taught me and for the circumstances that brought me to her, but she'll always say "it doesn't mean I have to like them."
    And as she reads this, she'll say "Yeah." and then I'll ask "What is it?" and she'll just say "Yeah. That's all I need to say." with a stern look on her face.
    And then I just smile cutely and hug her as she wraps her arm around me with the aura of "You're my b!tch."

    It's funny how accurate I can get with my conversation predictions.

    But yeah... anyways...

    Forgive me darling, I don't mean this as to promote her as a person, but just to introduce her for the people who have never met her:

    The ex who introduced me to that one song (btw it was Daybreak by Ayumi Hamasaki ... and then anti-Ayumi people go "Ewwww" ) was a Canadian-Chinese chick who could sing like no other.
    She had lungs.
    She definitely knew how to hold her notes.
    She also had an attitude problem.
    She was crazy-silly in personality, but that seemed like a reactionary attitude as to get the attention she so loved.
    We got together because we were both silly and our similarities were insane.
    In the beginning, we didn't get along at all.
    In fact, we hated each other and saw each other as rivals.
    But thing was, when our favorite site was gonna' close, I banded all the members together to keep it up - including her. >_o

    ...we stopped it from closing, but after that the two of us started talking to each other.
    The forum members knew something was going on...
    Two of the most hyper attention-seeking members weren't posting as much.
    They assumed we were gonna' get together.
    They were right. A few weeks after the incident, we got together.

    We got really personal. Sending pictures, sending letters and presents, and even the trial-and-fail use of the phone. I'm SO SHY, you don't even know. I could barely utter a word while we talked, all I did was blush. I was so pathetic.

    >_> Buuuut that's where the happy stuff ended.
    ... she was rather neglectful of her boyfriend.
    While I wrote hundreds of poems and showered her with compliments... she... well, was off somewhere else...
    She'd always call, email, msg, or msn me back, talking about how she went out with her friends.. and all the guys flirting with her... and all the hot guys in the school...


    ._. That's not what you're supposed to say to your boyfriend, y'know?

    *sigh* I know, we were young, and she was "just saying her opinion about guys, and talking about her day". But to a sensitive guy like me, it's depressing that your girlfriend's being hit on by hot guys and you can't do anything about it from how many miles away...

    I had no balls then. No balls at all. I let her keep talking about those things while I just let in a little sigh or sad worry within the conversations, hoping she'd take the hint that I didn't like what she was doing.

    ...then the biggest strike to me: She told me she started singing for some guy who was her "biggest fan". ... >_< ... that really hurt since she once told me that:
    "They can flirt with me if they want, but I only love you. Besides, I only sing for you. No one else."...

    :/ What a load of BS.
    I got depressed and refused her messages for quite a while.

    But even when she knew I was depressed, her online journals still talked about how much fun she had at the mall and all the guys were flirting with her.
    >__< MUTHA****ING-?!!!!

    At that point, I started working my charm on every online girl I could find. Half of the reason why was for vengeance, the other half was cuz I was really feelin' low and alone and needed someone to cheer me up.
    ... I even got with a girl at my school.

    I totally didn't tell her... she didn't know a single thing about it until one of her stalker friends told her (one of her old friends was bi-polar, and half the time had a crush on her O_o... half lesbian?). Man that bitch could stalk.
    She found all my journals, including my hidden ones.
    She found my emails and my phone numbers. My God she was crazy!
    She even called me to scold me! ........
    I was totally like "WTF?! O_o" after that call.

    ... but though my ex found out about all my other online mistresses, she never knew of my real life one.

    A whole lotta' drama in the real world happened and finally the real life girl left me... and it was sudden...
    Her best friend at that time was Abu...

    Abu and I became friends on Valentines Day (foretelling? O.o), and she later became my martial arts student. ...actually, I became her teacher for almost everything. O___o
    I taught her how to play video games, I taught her how to eat certain kinds of foods and where to eat, I taught her how to draw, I taught her about places OUTSIDE OF CALIFORNIA :-O , I taught her about all different kinds of animes, and I even taught her spiritual things. And of course, martial arts teacher.
    I taught her these on every break we had, we even stayed a bit longer after school to train. Except for lunch time, lunch time was reserved for her best friend.

    (continuation on next post)

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    Re: Exes & Abu O_o

    Abu got closer to me than her best friend did.
    But I saw Abu as a partner/student, nothing else really. She was cute, though.

    So when my other ex (real life) dumped me suddenly, I went down and depressed...
    I mean, after all that, she just dumps me? And who was I left with? A neglectful girlfriend who ignored my existence for 75&#37; of the day? That sucks!

    ...Abu wrote me a letter showing how surprised how sudden it all was... she had heard her best friend was gonna' break up with me, but didn't realize it'd be so quick...
    ...she then told me that she wanted me to consider her as a girlfriend... maybe...
    ...*wipes eye* So sweet of her.

    I wrote a note to her telling her to really consider whether or not she wants to... I was a rather sensitive guy who saw relationships as a serious thing, it's not wise to be the "rebound girl" for a guy like that.

    ...after the weekend passed (yeah, she broke up with me on a Friday... Not such a happy weekend that was), Abu wrote me that she made her decision...

    ...after classes were over, I walked up the parking hill like usual (there's a large hill in that school that was just for parking... it's where Abu and I used to train and hang out), and I was surprised to see Abu there first.
    ... Abu hates working out you see, including walking up steep hills...
    Abu's usually minutes late getting up that hill on time.

    ... but she was there, kneeling on the ground...
    I approached her, and she looked up.
    It was so odd, yet so beautiful: When she looked up, all of a sudden her face seemed to glow and her eyes shined like nothing I've ever seen. I've never seen someone give off such a physical feeling like that before.

    That day, Abu "proposed" to me.
    Promising me that she'd love me more than all my other gfs ever did.
    Promising me that she can and will love me more than anyone can.
    That she'd take care of me and do anything for me.
    She promised her heart and soul to me.

    *tear* It was so sweet...

    She then put a ring on my ring-finger.

    She really did propose to me, didn't she?
    It always surprises me how honest and loyal she was to me.
    And she still is.

    Abu really would do anything for me. I'd just have to give her the word and she'll do it. She's really sweet.
    I'd do anything for her as well, but I often think things out first and then give her a better solution.

    But anyways... back to the story!
    Abu's boldness to promise everything to me inspired me. It gave me a sense of pride and strength. I've never felt that way before, it felt like I was two people from that point.

    ...a few weeks later, I confronted my old ex and told her what I've been doing for all that time she never cared...

    ............. she seemed in shock. As if she thought I was joking.
    But I told it to her face and blamed her for all the things I kept quiet about!
    I told all the things I've been wishing to tell her all that time I spent with her.
    I told every single thing I found awful about her, reminding her of all the things she's ever said to me that hurt.

    ...it was pretty ironic, the day I told her all those things was our 1-year-anniversary together.

    She kept crying out the same things over and over, saying I was a cheater and such. But she couldn't win. Even though she had all her little online friends defending her, they were beaten by something even bigger than them: REAL PEOPLE. Abu backed me up there. Her appearance in the fight seemed rather shocking to online people, they weren't used to speaking to someone who wasn't a loser/otaku.

    And hell, even if Abu wasn't enough, I coulda' called all the online girls I got with during that year and got them to defend me. And they could easily beat that forum's population thrice over!

    But no, it was Abu and I's fight.
    It seemed like the online people backed down, and the only person talking was my ex.

    After insulting her for all the things she did to me, I broke it off completely and left.

    Abu and I lived happily ever after.
    But I still seemed angry at my ex.
    As if it wasn't over.

    ...two years later, I contacted my ex again, wondering if she was still angry at me. I asked her that because for the first year after breaking up with her, I got nothing but harassing emails from her, and tons of messages on the phone.

    ...I felt like I needed to talk to her again.
    We did.
    We caught up with everything that's happened through our lives since the break up.
    It seems she took it pretty rough. Got with some other guys, got her virginity taken, became a bit of a slut, got addicted to drinking and smoking, and broke off from all her previous friends.
    I'm kinda' flattered that I meant that much to her... I think? O_o
    How in the world would you show someone that you care about them so much if you don't even talk to them more than the flirty guys???
    Ah whatever, that wasn't my concern by that point.

    She dropped her hyperactive attitude, and she stopped singing.
    Kinda' sad, since singing was her thing.

    After catching up, we forgave each other and apologized to each other.
    And in a rather sweet way to end our relationship completely:
    She called me and sang me the song one last time.

    We haven't talked since.
    But I'm glad we did talk that one time.
    It really eased that angry feeling inside me.
    It didn't feel over because it wasn't over, neither of us dropped it until that day.

    From that point on, all my attention went to Abu.

    ^_^ THEN! We lived happily ever after...

    So there's a summary of how Abu and I got together.
    In all honesty, there's no way I could tell that story without talking about that one ex, because it seemed like I would've never met Abu if I hadn't met her first.

    And wow did I just I realize how far off-topic I went!
    *changes Topic Title*
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    Re: Exes & Abu O_o

    Wow, I gotta say...so you technically destroy a girl's life? Even though she only destroyed you emotionally?

    Oh and weird question outta the blue, the canadien's name wouldn't be Helen by any chance right?

    'Cause you give me something / That makes me scared, alright / This could be nothing / But I'm willing to give it a try / Please give me something
    'Cause someday I might call you from my heart

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    Re: Exes & Abu O_o

    Name's Mei.

    ... o_o And hey, I had no idea I destroyed her life. She barely showed any care for me, how in the world would I know she'd go THAT crazy by breaking up with her?

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    Re: Exes & Abu O_o

    Eheheh, the last part of the story was sweet.
    This was my kind if story.

    And what martial arts did you do?

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    Re: Exes & Abu O_o

    if she wasn't such a god damn bitch she wouldn't have had to worry about anything...

    so **** HER

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    Re: Exes & Abu O_o

    I was trying to train her own style... you know, kinda' like street-fighting.
    ...originally, I was training her my style, a style I was trying to create myself.

    I no longer do it because I stopped training Abu. After Abu didn't want to do training anymore, it wasn't that interesting to keep up with my training.
    I had better things to do... like hang out.

    So yeah. ^_^ It sure was fun, those trainin' days~

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