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Thread: Fable II - the story of the two wives

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    Fable II - the story of the two wives

    I'm not sure how many people know I'm a Fable-fan.
    Maybe not so much a fanatic, but I have played through the original at least 8 times through (and spend most of that time hangin' out at towns, or killin' bandits........ or killin' the towns).

    Though some may consider that fanatical, it's definitely not. I hang around Fable forums, so I KNOW that's not fanatical.
    Some people are just plain KA-RAZY over that game. (And I can't blame them)

    I do feel bad for the people who fell for the complete hype though... I wasn't into video games at the time (every few years, I turn my back on video games... only to realize there was some d*mn good ones that appeared and disappeared........ usually I'm just stuck playing MMOs at this time), so when I first played it (it was my bro's copy... we actually shared our games back in the day. How silly of us), I was shocked and astounded!
    Not so much the customizations or the changing of looks, but how fun it was!
    It was like an arcade game! Hack! Slash! Blast! Fwoom! Fwoosh! Pa-KWANG!!!

    ... the last one was the sound of an arrow hitting a tree.

    It was so fun fighting off people in something considered an "RPG".
    As much as I do love RPGs, I always seen them as more of level-grinding and story-finding rather than arcade-like fun... so this was definitely a huge twist for me. (it also was new to me since I've played mostly J-RPGs... other American/European/maybeAustralian RPGs that were arcade-like in nature bothered me at the time... I didn't like how far away the camera was from the characters, it felt like I was controlling ants......... fun, but not as immersive for me)

    So anywho...

    I got Fable II on its midnight launch. (I also won several prizes that night... including a box-art signed by P.M. himself)
    And I'm not as far as most people are... for two reasons:
    1) I LOVE taking my time...

    Working. Cheering up the villagers. Protecting travellers from bandits and beetles. Buying off small properties. Playing with my dog. Etc.

    I've gotten far enough to even do MORE taking of time as well!

    Working. Cheering up the villagers. Protecting travellers from bandits and highwaymen. Taking care of my properties by buying furniture for them, and making sure the tenants are happy. Bounty hunting. Stopping slave trades. Playing with my dog. Etc.

    2) Abu plays as well. We take turns who plays.

    So to say I'm far behind... is... hmmm...
    I'm only as far as "just arrived at Bloodstone".
    People have already far-beyond trailblazed past me, but I don't mind too much... I'm making a good rich-amount of money (over 11,000 every 5 minutes), I own the places I want (one of them is demolished however... I got a divorce, I'll talk about that later), I'm pretty good Exp-wise (I've already mastered 5 Will abilities + one more level to master one more, I've got the max in techniques for melee and ranged, got max endurance, got max speed, and almost max in accuracy), and my renown is pretty big compared to those who're already past me (no idea how much, but I've got people from every village worshipping my name... I have saved A LOT of slaves).

    I have to admit, ever since my divorce, I've been sexin' up almost every woman who's been willing, even paying for a lot. Protected sex of course.

    It's not that I really want to. It's just my way to cope with how depressed I feel at being an awful husband to such a good wife.

    ... you see, I had her in the PERFECT HOUSE (those of you who have already found the specific one I'm talking about, you know what I mean when I say PERFECT). And I was maximally handsome. And maximally rich. And maximally good.
    ... so in a way, with all those stats in mind, there was no way of me figuring out if she was upset with me or not.
    She always seemed happy, even when she missed me for so long...

    ...one day I went on a mission all the way to Westfield. It was my first journey there, and for those who have gone through it: Doesn't it suck that you can't go back / teleport back to other towns?
    ...Yeah... it was a long journey, especially when I decided to explore every bit of the place, and do every mission available before OWNING in the arena.

    All this took a good amount of weeks before I was able to head back home. But I didn't go back home...
    There were tons of missions that opened up, and I wanted to do them before I got home. I thought to myself "My wife always misses me when I've been gone for a few weeks, but she always cheers up afterwards!"... so I did EVERY. LAST. SUB-MISSION I could before I headed back.

    By the time I got back... she just out-right told me that she wanted a divorce...............


    I tried playing music for her, giving her presents, cheering her up... but she wouldn't say a word.
    By the time I left the area (tired of her not responding)...
    it said that she had divorced and left the area.


    I feel awful. I really should have visited more often. Love ain't just material things, handsome looks, good morality, or a lovely home...
    I know that, but I was just treating it like the old Fable. Just a game.
    She is just an AI. But I can't help but feel like I've let myself down, as a man who dreams of being a wonderful husband to Maggie...
    I should've treated this woman better... she did travel with me through bandit-infested areas and beetle-crawling bridges... she did stay with me even when I disappeared for a few weeks... she did give me presents almost every day... she did treat me like a normal man, rather than worship me as a hero...
    *sigh* She deserved better than that. I could at least have taken her out to dates more often...

    Several months have passed in the game, and I keep trying to forget about that momen. Having tons of sex seems to make me forget. Being some kind of perv, makes me feel like she wasn't missing out on anything.

    ...but I know that's not the right way of dealing with it. I will eventually marry again, just don't know when. *sigh*

    I am technically still married now though... y'see, I've got an invisible wife.

    How it happened was... I married a woman in my early years of the game... she had to live in my gypsy camp... I had to make sure she was happy, because of a certain crazy ghost who said he'll come back to haunt me if she wasn't. She was an okay wife. I could tell that she could've found someone more suitable for her, but I did what I could to make sure she was happy. I always came home to give her sex whenever she demanded it... I would give her gifts and dances and dates and etc...

    One day, I had no gifts to give her... and I had to soften her up, because she wanted to have sex, but wasn't willing to until I made her happy enough.
    I did though, have a mood ring.

    I thought to myself "well, I'm married to her already - what can go wrong?".
    I gave her the ring, and it said I proposed to her... again.

    Odd. But I ignored it.

    Several weeks later, my job at woodworking finally got me enough cash to buy out a beautiful home in Oakfield. By the Windmill.
    I brought her all the way there, to give her a better home.
    Even though she was more of a Bowerstone-kinda'-girl, I didn't really want to live in the city. I often like rural areas more.
    So I brought her there, with all these upgraded furnitures, hoping she'd love it.
    She thought it was okay, but I'm sure she would warm up to it.

    When I clicked on the house, it played the movie scene of marriage... I think we got married! AGAIN! ODD!

    I gave her a good amount of money since I could finally afford it... and thankfully, my job was just next door.

    But then I noticed something. I was deducted the amount of money I gave her, AND the money I gave her in the previous house!

    I went in a flash all the way back to the gypsy camp, and sure enough, SHE WAS THERE!
    I ran back to Oakfield - SHE WAS THERE TOO!!

    After trying several attempts to make one of them leave (like bringing one to the other.... didn't work, the other would just disappear), I decided I'd kill the clone. But which was the clone?
    Well, I brought my wife to Oakvale, she was with me all the time... so the one in the Gypsy camp must've been the doppelganger!

    I brought in Maggie who happily accepted the job of killing my wife.
    A single shotgun in the back, quick, quiet, and painless.

    It was done. The clone was dead...
    I headed back to Oakvale... weird, my wife wasn't there.
    I headed back to the Gypsy camp... weird, she wasn't there either!
    Where the heck was she?!
    I followed the golden trail to see if it'd spot her.

    It made me travel back and forth and led me to a halfway-point! Somewhere inbetween the gypsy camp and oakvale... and it just disappeared from that point on...
    Could it be that the one in the gypsy camp was the real one?!
    Or could she have the ability to teleport?!

    ... 'til this day, I'm still charged $25 every day for paying for my invisible wife's smallest needs. I'm still considered married. But she's invisible. My invisible wife.

    Next time I'll talk about other stuff, but that's all the time I've got right now.
    See ya's!

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    Re: Fable II - the story of the two wives

    T_T oh Darling... i'm sorry...

    ^_^ i know you're good! ::cuddle::

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    Re: Fable II - the story of the two wives

    If you had married a man, this entire problem would have been solved.

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    Re: Fable II - the story of the two wives

    Very true.

    But I'm not much for marryin' guys. ...though the one in the Alchemy store in Bowerstone does look pretty good.

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