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Thread: Gah...

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    I totally forgot to bring the right box with the right memory stick for my PSP...
    Which means another day without my music! >_<

    I knows I knows, you peeps just want me to get a real mp3 player, or possibly go old-school with a CD-player.. well, there's two problems with that:

    1) I do have an mp3 player, but I've been lending it to Abu ever since her Zune got cracked. Aaaaand we keep forgetting to charge it, so even if I did have it, it'd probably die right now. ...I do love my Sansa though. ^_^ Thank you hun for getting it for me~!

    2) I do have an awesome CD player (it's red. That makes it awesome), but most of my CDs have been so over-used that they're practically dead! O_O ... I wish my CD Doctor were still working. I over-worked that device to death! ... I'm not gentle with my electronics: If I can take a blow and roll down a hill and fall on a hard surface and still walk it off, so should anything I carry around! INCLUDIN' BABYS!!! ... nah... I kid. ...still a funny idea though.

    ^_^ Oh and sweetest thing evarz! Abu to the Dhabi totally bought me something from my Amazon wish list!
    It's a powerful & fast net-extender (it's the best of its kind according to users... I spent hours looking up user reviews for different devices) with a jack! Which means I can finally run my MGO games like a dream!
    My gf's so great~~!!

    ^^; It's so odd to get spoiled by her. I'm usually the one spoiling her. Really not used to being given the things I want from her... mainly because all the things I want are at least on the average of $90-$200.

    ^.^ Thank you so much, hunny buns! You're so awesome!!!!!
    Or in the words of Princess Peach:

    ^_^ In other news, I got myself a Whirled account.
    I was really bored yesterday and was playin' some games on the internetz.
    Found Whirled and gave it a test drive, it's quite adorable really.
    Also pretty fun if you're into customizing things with media.

    Anywho's my room in the thingy is still under construction... (I'm not really doing anything with it, but if I do make something awesome out of it, I'll publish it and put a link around here)

    So far I've just been messing around with it. Moving my things around the room, seeing what I could upload into it, seeing other people's creations. It kinda' makes me wanna' get a flash program so I can make my own character.

    ........ I do remember the days when I was trying to figure out how to work flash. I was able to make things move, and be able to do actions by clicking, but that's as far as I got before I realized that my drawings SUCKED and look even more awful moving!
    So I just stuck to Powerpoint, it was decent enough.

    >.> I do miss that ol' program though.
    Heck, I miss my Fruityloops program! I used to make awesome music with that thing! I remember I made a total AOL-remix by using the sounds on AOL.

    ^_^ Ahhhh... the days when I did other things than play games.

    Ah well, I'm the "certified gamer" of the family. Without me, they wouldn't know what's worth getting. I suppose that's of some use.


    I'd really like to work on some'more LBP stages, but I haven't had much inspiration lately. I know I could just do that thing I do : Doodle around in it until I get an artistic-thing going on and making something totally awesome.
    ...but I get kinda' tired of doin' that.

    ........... If I were much better in the game, I'd totally setup a commission thing and make stages for people! ...that'd definitely get some money.
    Alas, I am not that good in it. Nor do I strive to be. ...I want to make something unique... things with a personal touch... not rehashes of stages people want.
    I'm a director, not an actor. Blah, oh well.

    Speaking of masterminds... how long would it take for me to update my ol' City of Villains account? I bet it'd take an entire week.
    ...maybe even more.

    Nah, Abu's account will most definitely take an entire week.

    Speaking of Abu's computer... I wonder when she'll get hers back?
    Speaking of Abu's items... I wonder when she can get a DS again?
    What's with her sister? Why can't she pay her back already?
    It's already been nearly 4 months!

    :/ Ah whatevs. Not my problem. Not gonna' sink my teeth into that one.

    I wonder if we'll be doing anything this weekend. I'd totally be up for watching a movie, but I'm not sure any good movies are out. >_>

    Blah-de-blah-de-blooh~! Abu's awesome and you's all jealouses!

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    Re: Gah...

    ^_^ glad you like your computer thing that i don't understand!

    i'll set up my own Whirled account sometime in the next day or so, cuz i wanna spend it hangin' out with you Sweetie~

    (ToT ) i miss CoV~

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