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Thread: Have a Wii? Like Remixing Music?

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    Have a Wii? Like Remixing Music?

    If so.........




    (I'm adding the spacer for the sake of people who want to preview the page and ignore it all together once they see it)








    A) Don't have the funds

    B) Planning to, but it's not on the top of my list

    C) It looks retarded/silly/childish/dumb

    D) It's frightening of how they advertise it.

    E) Ever since E3... I'll never ever give it another glimpse.

    F) Saw videos, it sucks

    G) Doesn't interest me.

    H) Looks flawed.

    ...my responses.

    If you chose...

    A) then... I understand. Don't we all?

    B) then... I understand. Quick question: What is?

    C) If you were born just a few years ago, you'd say that ((insert old school family-friendly game title here)) looked retarded/silly/childish/dumb. But we all know that thing's a classic. Seriously, go beyond looks and actually try out the game, it's harder than anyone thought it would be (hell, it was harder than I thought it would be) and a heckuvalot more complex.

    D) Yeah I know, I'm with ya' there.

    E) Luckily for me, I didn't see it on E3. It was THAT terrible, huh? Though I may be easy on Wii games, me and several hundreds of gamers who bought the game (even those harsh on games) thought it was an amazing game. So boo-hoo to your "What I see on E3 is what I get"-theory.

    F) Most people suck at playing it, even when they match the notes perfectly. The game goes beyond just matching notes, it also depends on the instrument, specialized timing, harmony, and etc. It's WAYYYY HARDER than you think, so most people's videos (even Nintendo-made ones) can suck SO MUCH. :/ So, your excuse doesn't hold any water.

    G) ...so wait, you have a Wii and you like remixing music - yet you're not interested in it? That's like saying you want to be a doctor, but not want to be in the medical field! That doesn't make sense. Unless you prefer your CPU as your #1 remixing tool.
    ...I still suggest giving Wii Music a try though. It's a very different form of remixing that plays as a game.

    H) ONLY flaw it has is the small song library. But the ability to remix those songs in any fashion you please (as long as it follows the open rules of the game) with several instruments - is what makes it that expensive.

    ...if I could upload a GOOD QUALITY video of one of my best works onto YouTube or something, I totally would. The 'net needs more great videos of Wii Music, the several thousands of videos out there don't do it justice. Several of us Wii Music players have gotten the remixing part down to the T, but we either are more concerned about sending it to one another - or have no real fashion of placing it on the net with our current utilities.

    Seriously guys, I'm pissed at many of you who don't give this game the notice it deserves. It's AN ACTUAL AMAZING "TOOL"-GAME (not game tool, and not game, and not tool) THAT SURPASSES SO MANY STANDARDS AND YOU'RE IGNORING IT CUZ IT LOOKS CHILDISH/SILLY/BAD EVEN THOUGH YOU'VE NEVER TRIED IT!!!

    ...I've been rummaging through forums, through sites, and etc... I'm seeing these few individuals who ACTUALLY BOUGHT THE GAME defending it, but because of the rep Wii Music/Wii gets, they're constantly beat down by several other members/posters/whatevers. They're dismissed of their opinions and everyone continues to play all their games that haven't really gone THAT FAR BEYOND systematic standards, never ever giving another thought to such a masterpiece of a game.

    It's angering. It's ridiculous. It makes me realize that SO MANY GAMERS put so much rules on what fun and/or quality should be, that if the trend of PC-and-Xbox games keep going the way they're going - GAMES WON'T BE NATURALLY FUN ANYMORE!!!


    ........ *sigh* Whatever, go continue playing your "far beyond advanced game that has advanced graphics and advanced points/fighting system... when really it's not that much of a change" while you ignore something completely new. It wouldn't be the first time.

    (Oh, and PS: Abu, don't post on this until at least 8pm. I want to make sure no one ignores the topic after glimpsing at what you posted)

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    Re: Have a Wii? Like Remixing Music?

    ^_^ i'm sorry that people can't understand/appreciate the purity of music that Nintendo is trying share, my Darling...

    but those people are probably more hateful to themselves and loved ones and probably smell bad and probably never get their favorite ice cream becuz no one likes their sour attitude...

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