Not me, a guy I'm a fan of.

So anywho, which of you know of Ryan Estrada (well, not THAT Ryan Estrada. The one on the internet)?

For those who don't know, he's a guy on the interwebs (abu word) that makes comics and special "adventure commissions".
Since he loves traveling around, he does "adventure commissions", which basically you can commission an idea for him to do on his journeys... whether it be to meet with a really important person, become a Bollywood actor, go to a certain bar and do a favor for a stranger, etc. He then videos it and documents his journeys.
Cool, eh?

So anywho... he wants to get into "the best job in the world".
And I want you guys to help him. (I've already done my part)

So first, give this a read: » Archive » The Best Job in the World

Then go here and vote for him:
The Best Job In The World