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Thread: ?? Hm?

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    ?? Hm?

    Huh? ......... I totally forgot what I was going to type here...

    ... oh BTW: Survivor Man beats Man vs Wild... ANY. DAY.
    Survivor Man is "more boring" compared to ManVsWild, mainly because the man's trying to survive... not try to show off and pretend like it's the safest thing to do like that Bear-dude... son of a politician. I have respect for the man for what he does, but his fans are aggravating. A buncha' testosterone freaks who believe that the only way to survive in a desert is "TO BE EXTREME".
    I'm not sayin' the man's methods don't work, but I'm saying he's inspiring others to get themselves killed if they actually worship the way he walks.

    So what if Les screws up every once in a while?
    Shouldn't any real man screw up as well? And besides, Bear's vids are edited to make everything look perfect.
    Only thing that's great about his show is: entertainment, and that's about it.
    It doesn't show the reality of surviving out there in the wild, it shows a pampered man with a crew that watches out for his ass and makes sure everything's perfectly safe for him to survive with what he's going to do next.

    People say he's crazy, he's not. He's eccentric, and what he does is safe in regards of a crew ready to jump in there and fix him up.
    Les on the other hand...... well, if he dies, it'll take his crew a while to find his body. ^^;

    Fact is, Survivor Man teaches Survival.
    Man vs Wild teaches how a charming semi-rich boy can entertain crowds with "survival techniques".

    You can say Man vs Wild is much more entertaining, I'll let you have that. But if you claim it teaches more about survival, you're screwed once you get thrown out there, believe me.

    Some of us actually watch TV to learn some things. Odd, isn't it?
    It's like how some of you depend on Myth Busters to half-ass test things to see if they were real, while some of us like to watch full-documentaries that actually have extensive testing that takes days if not weeks or months - fully showing us the validity, possibility, and probability of some myths.

    But hey, some of us like to cook our meals instead of having it pre-packaged. *shrugs*

    (Yeah, that cocky attitude is supposed to piss you off, I hope you get so pissed you punch your screen, hurt your hand, and have to buy a new monitor )

    Oh, but I am TOTALLY watching Man vs Wild this Tuesday. Because Will Ferrell's in it.

    ............. I'm pretty damn sure I was supposed to talk about video games. Ah well, there goes that idea.

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    Re: ?? Hm?

    Darling! it's called Men vs Wild!!

    i wanna see it cuz it's all about the Ferril making an ass of himself, and the Bear-man trying not to giggle~

    oh, and it's all about Survivorman! Dude had to slowly walk through the amazon, with a jaguar following him after he took a leak... how is that not EXTREME??

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