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Thread: Intro - Soshi Kitai

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    Intro - Soshi Kitai

    I'm overdue on an intro.


    General Facts:
    • Username: Soshi Kitai
    • Real name: None'ya'business
    • Age: Old enough to get the benefits you youngin's wish you had.
    • DoB: Sept 16.
    • Race: The one's that are technically Pacific Islanders, but still consider themselves Asian.
    • Status: Taken, not stirred.
    My username originally came from a Japanese/English dictionary I always carried with me during my otaku days. It was a single word meaning "organization". What's odd is that to this day, I have yet to see that word in any other Japanese/English dictionary. I chose the name for my affinity to organizing things.
    My real name? Well, if I haven't told you, I probably never will tell you. ...but if you really wanna' know, let's just say my name means "Noble" in another language. I'll leave ya' with that.
    You don't need to know my age, but it's not like it's hard to figure out.
    And yes, I'm taken. I'm partnered with a pretty and tall girl, goes by the name "Abu Dhabi" around here. I'm not open for anyone, even by the slightest bit. If Abu doesn't kill you for flirting with me, I'm obligated to do it myself.

    Overall, if you want to get to know me: Good luck, it's like talking to a computer screen - oh wait! :O

    Card Facts:
    • Bloodtype: B-
    • Zodiac: Hare
    • Sign: Virgo
    I'm not exactly sure if that's my bloodtype, but I'm pretty sure I've heard the doctor tell me that's what it was. *shrugs*
    So yes, jokingly, I'm an "active(bloodtype) horny(zodiac) virgin(sign)".
    More specifically, I'm a Fire Hare & a Type 2 Virgo...but on rare occasions, I act more like a Type 1.
    Seriously speaking, I used to be very active (bloodtype) - I'm very mental and emotionally passionate (zodiac) - and I'm very careful with serious decisions (sign).

    Busy Facts:
    • Job Position: N/A, student
    • Hobbies: Many, mostly video games.
    • Dream Job: Video Game Designer / Director
    • Favorite Class: Anything with a good teacher
    ...I'm a gamer in many regards, but today's gamers are rude and picky. I can't relate to them. I really wish people just played games for fun, and not technical issues. You can complain about technical issues and money hazards, but you're selfish if you refuse to get a game for those reasons completely.
    When I become a game designer/director, I plan on changing people's views on gaming - and I know exactly how to do it.

    Fun Facts:
    • Favorite Color(s): Red, Black, Light Blue.
    • Favorite Animal: Fox
    • Favorite Pet: My dog
    • Favorite Dinosaur: Dilophasaurus
    • Favorite Ranger: Original Red Ranger
    • Socially: Balancer
    • Skills: Jack of All Trades
    Funny how my first two favorite colors seem pretty gothic - but that's really due to my distaste to extremely-positive things. ...the light blue is a reflection to my hope in people.
    I most relate to a fox - playful, careful, mischievous, and dislike of sticking to crowds. ...Abu refers to my room as "my den", and it fits perfectly since it's my getaway from the rest of the world.
    My dog's awesome, much smarter than most dogs, but has a human-like personality because of it. ...he doesn't do tricks for you, he will if you do a trick for him - like make food appear.
    Dilophasaurus... remember them from Jurassic Park? The thing that spat that stuff in the eyes of that dude? Yeah, awesome. Most of you guys who grew up during the "Jurassic Park" generation have a favorite dinosaur, so mention it.
    Same goes for Power Rangers, we all had a favorite. Mine was red, pretty typical, eh?
    Socially-speaking, if I get close to you, I'm a balancer. I don't become an opposite, but I add things to you that helps you see the other side of the conversation. I tend to improve people in the sense of "opening their eyes". ...but other than that, I'm a natural hermit who doesn't care much for talking to other people - I just care of making things happen.
    I'm a Jack-of-All-Trades... I'm not a master of anything other than thinking. ...but at the same time, I virtually don't suck awfully at anything. ...it sucks when you can't really stick to one thing cuz you're not great in it.

    Food Facts:
    • Favorite Meal: Breakfast
    • Favorite Style of Food: Japanese
    • Favorite Food: Beef Bowl
    • Favorite Drink: Milk
    • Favorite Snack: Cookies n' Milk 4 Life
    • Favorite Edible: Ice Cream
    • Favorite Soda: Sprite
    • Favorite Alcohol: N/A... mineral water.
    Doesn't matter what you say, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
    I pick Japanese food since it's the only cultural cuisine that can make things healthy without my body disagreeing with it. ...I love American Food and Filipino Food and Chinese Food, and some others... but the thing is, their "healthy foods" often make my stomach hurt like hell. Japanese Food is the only kind that can make healthy foods that I can eat.
    Beef Bowls... the perfect meal after a long day.
    Milk... it does the body good.
    You can never be too old for Milk n' Cookies.
    Ice Cream... it's like ambrosia to me.
    Sprite's like water to me. And water is like acid to me... water's good, but having more than a single glass can make my stomach digest itself painfully.
    Aaaand I don't drink. Don't like the feeling.

    Loser Facts:
    • Favorite Genre of Music: Techno
    • Favorite Genre of Book: SciFi/Fantasy
    • Favorite Genre of Show: Comedy/Cartoon
    • Favorite Genre of Movie: Action/Comedy
    • Favorite Genre of Video Game: All
    • Favorite Genre of Manga: Fantasy/Shounen
    • Favorite Genre of Anime: Shounen/Shoujo
    • Karaoke: Heck Yes.
    • Writer: Kinda'.
    • AMV/Fanfiction: No.
    • Artist: Kinda'.
    Technically speaking, I like all genres of music - but I realize I never get tired of techno. ...I remember when I used to listen to only techno. ...... I miss wearing raver pants.
    SciFi/Fantasy Books are pretty good reads. Just as compelling as most other big novels, without the douchebag authors.
    Comedy is underappreciated, and Cartoons are needed to keep adults from thinking too seriously of themselves.
    I <3 Action movies... but Comedies are always awesome.
    And yes, I like all genres of video games. I like some more than others, but there's no clear winner.
    And Karaoke = VERY yes. It's fun and awesome. Also a great icebreaker.

    Place in AO:
    • The other end of the conversation.
    • One of AO's largest posters.

    Personal Ad:
    I'm tough shit.
    Don't quote me.

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    Re: Intro - Soshi Kitai

    Thread made a sticky by request

    ->:Be descriptive in your posts or its like you didnt post at all:<-

    |The "RULES" of AO|My AO Gallery|YouTube|AnimeSuki|

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    Re: Intro - Soshi Kitai

    ^o^ my Darling~

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    Re: Intro - Soshi Kitai

    Danku~ Danku~ Shinku.

    I honestly wanted to add things like "favorite artist" "favorite books" and more specific stuff, but I don't want to ruin the first post with the rather ugly "Last edited by Soshi Kitai at blah blah pm"...
    I could technically just post those useless facts in here as well.
    But not right now... tomorrow, when I'm bored.

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    Re: Intro - Soshi Kitai

    you know what would be random? If someone narrated someone's intro thread like 300.

    Imagine how epic that would be.

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    Re: Intro - Soshi Kitai

    But then people would wonder if the person's trying too hard to sound interesting - or if they really DO scream "SPARTA!!!!" whenever they're feelin' excited.

    ...I used to do fantastic intros back in the day. Back when people were more into "dramatic"-stuff and didn't think everyone on the net was a total loser. Net-culture has changed, and I with it.

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