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Thread: Just To Shake Things Up

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    Just To Shake Things Up

    Normally I'd just post on my Bite-Size thread when it comes to random things... buuuuut, I didn't feel like it this time. No reason in particular.

    Hmmm... 2010. It doesn't feel that amazing. I suppose it's because I've written "2010" on my test and homework papers at least 4-8 times last year. I sometimes forget what year it is, actually. And if you're curious: Yes, it takes me 10-30 seconds to remember how old I am when I'm asked out of the blue.
    I don't look stupid, mind you. I add some filler inbetween to just make it look natural (things such as asking them to repeat as if I didn't hear them, or making a small comment that seemed to fit in with the previous conversation).

    Christmas was good last year. We didn't play any video games surprisingly, but I didn't mind too much. Abu and I gave each other AMAZING presents. Was too busy admiring and looking through my presents to really care about what was going on in the Christmas party.

    Best present of all... I gots my old phone back!
    It's the old Walkman cellphone. Thick during its time (came out when skinny cellphones started becoming the "in-thing"... nowadays, skinny is supposedly what cellphones "should be" in many people's eyes), and awesome.

    I like thick phones, and I liked to play games on my cellphone, and I liked having customizable ringtones for my cellphone. This phone was perfect for me. It was thick and tough, much tougher than the fancy high-end cellphones I was always given. It could go on the radio whenever I didn't feel like listening to any mp3s. It had a cheap ringtone maker program in it that I LOVED to mess with. And the games available were a lot better quality than most cellphone games that were out during its time.
    Sure, it's completely outdated nowadays, especially when in comparison with the devil iPhone - the phone that I hate but respect at the same time. ...who can really hate a cellphone that has some solidly good games and YouTube?
    I can, darn thing's so fragile it hurts thinking about it.

    Anywho, I got this walkman phone a long time ago... back in the days when Abu worked at mi madre's salon. Those were the good ol' days, she had a solid job, and I could see her all the time. ...of course, we also gained weight during those days because of all the delicious foods near there. Ah, but no matter. We weren't obese, we weren't unhealthy, and we were happy within each others company.

    But a good while into the future, that very same wonderful phone was stolen away from me. I was using it as an alarm clock to wake Abu and I up at the campus' food hall/lounge. That lounge was known for all the sleeping college students... who could resist those couches?
    It was pretty dumb of me to leave my cellphone ontop of my backpack, especially when it was such a nice cellphone for its time, but I thought it would be safe - afterall, that certainly wasn't the first time I had left my cellphone out as our alarm clock.

    It was one of those times when I forgot to set up the alarm before getting knocked out to sleep, and Abu and I awoke by being shooed out of the hall/lounge by an employee when the lounge was closing.
    A few hours later, I had finally realized that my phone was gone!

    We did everything in our power to find it and get it back... but no... it was stolen for good. ...... *sigh*
    It was a sad day... a sad week... a sad month...

    We got a replacement for the phone, but no phone had really brought me that same joy. Years later, Abu gives it to me as a Christmas present. Evidently, she bought it from China through eBay or something like that.
    The manual and service was in Chinese, but I worked my way through it. ^^;
    I still need to reconnect it to the internet though, it seems to not recognize that it has that feature. It had been kept off apparently. I'll get around to working on that someday.

    But who cares, I've got my old phone back. And though it's a bit glitchy (especially since it has to deal with my new-fangled phone-chip-card-thingy-majiggy), it's still my good ol' phone.
    I love this thing.
    *click click bleep bloop*

    Went on a big shopping spree after Christmas. Got everything we needed to get Abu and I hooked up and playing on system link together. Abu finally got herself a 360, I bought us two copies of Section 8 (a semi-ignored FPS that had a GREAT multiplayer), got her a Microsoft Points card so she could download Crackdown into her new 360 (so we could play with my copy on system link), and even bought her a harddrive so she could... download, and everything else that's needed for a 360 to really be a 360. Still need to transfer her old profile, though.
    But whatevs, we had a lotta' fun with Halo 3 and Section 8. (Never got around to playing Crackdown together, oddly enough)... wish we had another copy of Tenchu Z, however. That would be friggin' awesome.

    For Christmas, I also was given Demon's Souls by Abu. I refused to play it for a good while due to pure intimidation. After playing it though, I realized it wasn't that hard and that it was quite an enjoyable MMO-ish adventure RPG. Played a good while with my Thief, learning all the ropes for a good number of days before learning most of the ins and outs of the game that needed to be learned.
    Eventually made a Royalty character so that Abu could catch up with my Thief's level (60) so that we could play together once she gets her own copy (she has her own PS3)... because I needs me some White Tendency (missing all my chances at getting a Pure White Tendency for most of the worlds, I don't mind waiting).

    ...I realized that it's so easy to level up in that game that it's much harder keeping your equipment up-to-date with your character (a high level character with crappy equipment fights depressingly long fights).
    ...most of the legendary weapons I've earned don't really "wow" me, though. Friggin' Dragon Bone sword thingy... what the heck is a thief or royalty supposed to do with this thing? I see some overpowered thieves dual-wielding this crap, but it's just so........ stupid. It completely gets rid of the idea of what stealth means.
    Though I am quite fond of Miralda's axe... having two of those on my thief would definitely frighten any Black Phantom wanting to take my body.

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    Re: Just To Shake Things Up

    Anywho, I've also got a DSi. I was quite jealous of Abu's DSi (that I got her for Christmas), that I had to have my own.
    She plays hers almost daily, mostly playing..... *cough*..... *ahem*....... that one game she's quite embarrassed for liking.

    But I was quite jealous of her DSi playing whenever she would play Flipnote Studio (a free DSiWare "app" where you make... flipnote movies).
    But when I got my own DSi, I found myself not making as many Flipnotes as I did on her DSi. Maybe because I exhausted my ideas onto her DSi?

    Whatevers. I love my DSi (though not as much as she loves her DSi). I play my little DSiWare games whenever I'm bored, I use the DSi Web Browser whenever I don't feel like waiting an eternity for my computer to start up, and occasionally I mess around with mynotebook or flipnote studio.

    Though, I am playing my PSP a lot more now. Along with all the other stuff, Abu also got my hooked up with YuGiOh 5ds Tag Force 4. What most people can't gather from me, is that though I love video games, I love trading card games almost as much, if not the same. I have an addiction to them.
    However, I've always had a thing against the YuGiOh card games for one thing: Life Points are hard to calculate when you start shoving in extra 0's in an attempt to make the game bad arse. It's simple mathematics, but a game can slow down once you and the other player are checking back and forth how much Life Points really was removed because you might've ignored one of the 0s.
    So the best solution was to put them in a video game. ...because I sure as hell wasn't going to take out a calculator.

    ...it also saves me a hell of a lotta' money... darn decks and booster packs always kill my wallet.

    But yeah, been playing the game a lot... trying to get a darn theme going on.
    You start off with a water deck, and it works wonders. But using the same cards from the beginning deck gets boring for me... I want to find my own strategy, not depend on the game to hook me up with the best strategy ever in the get-go. It makes a player lose a lot of individual-love for their deck.

    But it's friggin' hard to get a theme going when you always get ALL THE CARDS FOR A THEME except for that SINGLE CARD that would've made it work smoothly... or even worse WHEN YOU GET ALL THE CARDS THAT WERE PERFECT FOR THE THEME but you simply don't have enough of each one... having only like 1 of each card is ridiculous if you want a great working theme. Some cards need doubles.

    It's even harder when EVERY OPPONENT HAS A PEERRRRFEECTLY THEMED DECK. So all you do is win out of luck or lose awfully when their strategy works like magic. ... gwar... I just try to get as many BP (the game's currency) just so I can buy more booster packs...
    Thank goodness this isn't real money. I remember doing this for Pokemon *glances at box full of Pokemon TCG cards*...

    Blah blah blah... but yeah...

    I've been wanting to play Wii Fit Plus, but my Balance Board broke after a year of no use (seriously 3rd parties: release more games that use the Balance Board EFFECTIVELY... not this cheap crap). Thankfully, Nintendo's amazing customer service hooked us up with a nearby place where we could bring in our Balance Board to get fixed.

    Aaaaand... what else?
    Oh yeah. Can't wait for Mass Effect 2! Can't wait for Tatsunoko vs Capcom! Can't wait for Monster Hunter Tri! Can't wait for Foto Showdown! Can't wait for Monster Rancher DS! Can't wait for all these other games that I forgot! I also can't wait until I have money to buy the games I didn't have money to buy at the time!

    "Is that all you do? Play video games?"

    No. I also eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, browse the internet, watch tv, hang out with my dogs, mess with my phone, read books occasionally, cook sometimes, watch movies, rent movies, doodle, go shopping, start interesting conversations, go on dates, and make love to my girlfriend. You? That's right, piss off.
    I just happen to like video games a lot.

    I am however, on break. No school for me this semester. Not til' Spring anways...

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    Re: Just To Shake Things Up

    Oh, and people who have a Wii should really use their Nintendo Channel more often...

    The "choppy pauses" issue has disappeared ever since they allowed you to choose between high quality and low quality. The high quality isn't THAT high, so you might as well stick to the low quality.

    No seriously, and watch Nintendo Week. Safe, cute, family humor. Not too lame, and enjoyable.

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    Re: Just To Shake Things Up

    ( ^o^)/ glad you liked your gifts Hun!

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