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Thread: LBP stage almost finished!

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    LBP stage almost finished!

    Whoo! Though quite small and not as interactive as most other stages, I'm almost done with my "chill-out" stage!
    All I need to do is adjust the elevator size, add the "special room" upstairs, and put out a background for the rest of the level!
    ...the only one that'll take a very long time is the elevator size.

    It took me forever to get that elevator right, now I'll actually have to readjust it to fit at least 3 people in there - or even worse, make a 2nd one! O_O (or worst, a 3rd one! X_X)

    The "special room" is already fixed in my head, and rarin' to go whenever I'm done with the elevator.

    And the background. I'm pretty good at randomizing a stage in order to make it fun, so that won't take too long.

    ...oh, and I got Mirror's Edge last week. THE ONLY GAME that makes me actually "FEEL" like it's my point of view. Looking and moving around feels so realistic! If they added a wind-machine that blew wind in my face, then it'd completely feel like how when I run around!
    (then people say: Why don't you just run around then?)
    (my answer: And be chased by cops, inevitably get tired, and fall off a building? No thank you)

    Luv that game.

    Ah but hell, this week's going to be busy in video games. So many video games coming out this week. ...Q_Q
    (my poor wallet)

    Anywhos... I wonder when I'll be able to get the next boxset of DBZ... probably next week.

    ... I wonder when I'll be able to get back to getting Yu Yu Hakusho DVD boxsets... Such a great series.

    Blah blah blah and stuff~

    Been playin' some MGO lately.

    Everyone's a Foxhound or Fox now... (and Water Bears are getting less rare)
    Back then, it was so amazing and terrifying whenever you found out someone was a Foxhound/Fox with a Beret... you knew you didn't stand a chance.

    ... now everyone's one too, and it doesn't matter whether or not they have it, I can easily kill them. :/ Well maybe not "easily", but "EXTREMELY EASILY" when compared to the first Foxhounds/Foxes I've met.

    *sigh* No challenge no more. If I get killed, it's not done with skill - it's done out of instinct. Being treated like an NPC makes them act like an NPC. I KNOW when I'm going to die now. *SIGH* What happened to the excitement of not knowing where the next shot is gonna' come from? What happened to the unpredictable skill of people? Oh well...
    There's still a few of the originals here and there, and the average players are still fun to go against, I suppose.

    But nowadays I don't fight to win... now I fight to have fun.
    It's always fun to mess with these wannabe Foxhounds/Foxes. They're so used to normal patterns, I usually make it confusing and erratic. I also love to make them fall for my irregularly-placed traps.

    Oh and another thing: So many glitchers now. Hacking there way to victory. It's ridiculous. Ah well, they don't got any true skill and just waste their time playing a game. (why would you play a game just to win without even playing? It doesn't make any sense. It's childish and pointless. They might as well commit suicide now because they won't be experiencing any new interactions in their life. I'm so nice)

    And blah blah blah. That's all.

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    Re: LBP stage almost finished!

    Darling is so nice!

    =_= it's hard for me to play that game... total "noob" is what i am! Darlnig makes itlook fun and easy...

    ... but it's not~!

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